Kimetsu no Yaiba: Nezuko’s Latest Demon Form Comes Under Criticism

A great number of fans were not happy with the new development and wanted to protect the "child" image of Nezuko.

Nezuko's New Demon Form

The sixth episode of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba:Yukaku Hen (Fuji TV series), faced a lot of criticism from Nezuko fans for “sexualizing” her.

The last scene of the latest episode revealed Nezuko in her full fledged demon form, with enhanced physical features and a horn.

According to Yaraon, an open comment forum, while many fans went head-over-heels to see Nezuko in her demon form, others were furious with this kind of portrayal.

A great number of fans wanted to protect the “child” image of Nezuko. They found this type of change in the character as “sexualizing a minor”.

Some fans, on the other hand, couldn’t contain their excitement and tweeted sexist comments like:


However, some couldn’t care less because the animators have already did it.


Previously, in December, the premiere of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Yukaku Hen was hit with a lot of criticism from fans for multiple reasons such as violence, a character having multiple wives, and spanking that was shown in the series.

According to the Japanese portal Myjitsu, a portion of the viewers of the anime posted criticism on social media about the scene in which Uzui spanked the character, Aoi Kanzaki, during the final scenes of the first episode aired on Dec 5.

While some users found this as a “form of sexual harassment,” another part of the audience was tolerant about it; citing the historical atmosphere of Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Japanese parents expressed concerns about the plot being set in a red zone with many brothels, a place they did not want their children to be exposed to before the second season began.

Another problem that arose after the release of the first episode was the amount of anime original content added in this episode. MyJitsu pointed out that the additional content that includes a “synopsis” scene.

A flood of criticisms claimed anime broadcast on Fuji TV is famous for having many original scenes.

To avoid criticism, the anime production committee changed the name of the arc from “Red light district” to “Entertainment District Arc”.

Source: yaraon

  • Don’t tell me these guys think a fictional character has feelings, what a weebs. I love the transformation, very cool and makes her very intimidating.

  • I mean at this point shes like 15 so it isnt surprising she has breasts also a character having breasts doesn’t mean thry are sexualized i just dont understand people

    • Im confused as to what her age is because I thought demons don’t age wouldn’t it make her 12 or 14 idk? I think it’s seen as the creators are sexualizing her because it came kind of from nowhere as if she grew them and possibly the zoom in idk.

  • “A great number of fans were not happy with the new development” :- a few vocal posts on a global social media site famous for ranting outrage for clout.

    Meanwhile in japan :- “The western twitter puritans are at it again” “Oh no……. Anyway”

    This exactly how it went down in volume 11 of the manga. Stop gatekeeping japans culture.

    Not that they should take any notice, apart from pointing and laughing.

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