KFC Spain Under Fire After Recent Chainsaw Man Related Post Sparks Social Media Controversy

Stolen image and misleading image caused the outrage among fans.

KFC Spain Chainsawman Controversy

The official Twitter account of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Spain found itself in spotlight once again after it shared a Chainsaw Man centered content featuring Makima. However, the attention it garnered this time was for all the wrong reasons.

The fast-food giant’s social media strategy of sharing memes and anime-related content is well known among netizens. Keeping up with the trend, KFC Spain recently uploaded a post featuring a hamburger alongside a small figure of Makima.


While the tweet initially generated excitement among anime enthusiasts and fast food lovers alike, the buzz quickly turned sour. No, the ire was not for subtly spoiling the manga’s ending.

Some people found out that the image shared by KFC Spain had been stolen from another Twitter account, without proper consent or attribution. This discovery ignited a heated online debate about the ethical implications of using third-party content without permission, leading users to demand accountability and respect for original creators.

Though KFC gave credits to the photo a day later, the controversy didn’t end there.

The eagle-eyed netizens realized that the hamburger featured in the image originally belonged to Lotteria a Japanese brand.

While KFC Spain never claimed the burger to be their own, they had manipulated the photo by removing Lotteria’s branding and changing how the patty looks. While some users immediately detected the deceptive edit, others felt deceived into believing they were looking at an original KFC Spain offering.

Check out the comparison of original image and the one KFC Spain uploaded below.

KFC Spain Chainsawman Controversy

The incident has triggered widespread outrage and disappointment among social media users, who are accusing KFC Spain of unethical behavior and misleading advertising practices. The tweet is still up on KFC Spain’s account at the time of writing.

Source: Twitter

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