Kamisama Ni Natta Hi Episode 7: Hina Is Not A God After All?

Continuing from the last episode, episode 7 of The Day I Became God apparently reveals a great secret about Hina! The plotline of the story is starting to take shape. The episode starts with siscon Yota agreeing to help his little sister with film making. The whole friend group is here, even Kako Tengan and her bodyguard. 

I don’t know if it was me or was it intentional, that the plot of the movie was kinda based on the actual plot of the anime. They both have the same situation as the world will end shortly and a clumsy girl has come to save it with her special skill. I am pretty sure it was a message which foreshadowed the intention of Hina’s advent.

Screenshot 9

Nevertheless, the endless rivalry between Tengan and Hina for the lead role was sort of like trying too hard to bring humor into the episode. Seriously, Yota’s sister complex scenes are much better than some forced catfights.

Screenshot 7

Intimate moments like the back hug or defending Hina from Tengan’s wrath seem like Yota is finally getting soft on her. Even Izanami is jealous,huh. Hina’s flag is finally flying!

Frankly, I still can’t connect to the characters but the second half of episode 7 has just made the show interesting. 

Hiroto Suzuki is back in action to fess up our questionable scientist Shuichiro Korogi’s intentions. Every time these two characters show up I smell something fishy with the anime. Under so much moe, it might not have a happy ending.

Screenshot 21

With Korogi being some kind of computer scientist and physicist and a renowned software developer, and what Suzuki found by rampaging through the data, we can assume Korogi is associated with some deep dark assignment. Now if the world ends with an all out virus attack or Hina being an android, I won’t be surprised.

Screenshot 10

At the end, Suzuki finally finds a lead on Korogi’s background and the photo frame reveals him standing with none other than our loli Hina. From the scene that we see, it is pretty clear Hina might not be a God after all. And she is clearly connected to Korogi. What a cliffhanger, I am fired up!

Overall, the animation quality and direction was top notch. The randomness of the show is still reigning, but on a side note, a few revelations were presented as well. I think it will get more interesting from here on. 

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