Kamisama Ni Natta Hi Episode 6 Review

Kamisama Ni hatta episode 6

Only 09 days left before the world ends! What is going to happen? Only Odin sama, God of Omniscience knows. And before that happens the Summer festival is here!

The episode zooms in with Yota Narukami dreaming about one of his basketball matches, but he wakes up short of breath. Looks like something is up…

Our lolichan-Odin-sama, cute as ever intends to attend the Natsu Matsuri( Summer festival) at all costs with all of Yota’s friends including Tengan. Troubled Yota was sure she will turn down the offer but little Sato’s predictions never goes wrong. Tengan joins the team.

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Though we know in every damn Slice of Life anime we are going to have that one common cliche festival episode, still we just sit through it with a grin on our face everytime our waifus come out swaying in their yukatas. We are such weebs to the core it’s sometimes embarrassing you know.

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The tension between Izanami and Yota seems to have subsided as they share snow cones under the moonlight with happy faces. But Odin sama finds out that her first and last festival outing is not going well. Earth seems to disappoint her so much.

Broken hearted Hina chan rampages the streets to find her lolicon partner in every man she spots before her, annoying them to the soul. Its so funny watching a loli god scurring in strange clothes picking up lolicons, rofl.

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Rampages easily takes a toll in a child’s body and thus our little god was looking for a place to rest. Turns out she got herself locked in a cold storage truck. What a mess!

Soon, the gang discovers her absence and they spread out to find her. Even though they found her belongings it was too late to catch up to the truck. So Ashura’s wheels to the rescue! Yota and Ashura rode towards Tokyo when finally they pin pointed the truck on the highway. They failed to get attention of the driver thus came in the climax of Yota’s dream.

They wanted to take revenge on this truck for Ashura’s accident in the past, by jumping on the cold storage truck and stopping it; Yota as Ashura’s legs. A bit too dramatic but you see, they needed something substantial for this episode right? 

Finally, Hina chan was rescued and they ended the festival on a happy note.

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