Kaguya Sama Author Aka Akasaka To Reportedly Start A New Manga Soon

The author is also writing the story for Oshi no Ko manga.

Aka Akasaka, the author of Kaguya Sama Love Is War and Oshi No Ko, is reportedly set to start a new manga series in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine.

Both of Akasaka’s current works are being serialized in the same magazine.

Like his ongoing manga Oshi No Ko, Akasaka will only be handling the writing duties, with art and illustration to be done by someone else. The artist to partner Akasaka will be chosen based on the results of a contest.

Mengo Yokoyari, who is known for her manga Scum’s Wish, is currently in charge of the art in Oshi No Ko manga.

No further information is currently available about the new manga or the contest. Official updates about the manga too have not been made yet by the author or the magazine.

It was recently revealed that Akasaka’s Kaguya Sama manga will be coming to an end soon. Fans were of the opinion that this would give the author time to focus on a new series.

Aka Akasaka’s first noticeable work came when he contributed to the background assets of the visual novel Subarashiki Hibi, released in Japan in 2010.

The author gained fame with his work, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, which started serialization in 2015. It was the 9th best selling manga in Japan in 2019, with over 4 million copies sold.

Starting from April 2020, his work Oshi no Ko, which is illustrated by Mengo Yokoyari, began serializing on Weekly Young Jump, making it his second active series on the magazine at the same time.

Akasaka has won the Shogakukan Manga Award and Next Manga Award for his works.

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