Kadokawa In An Alliance With Sony

Kadokawa has entered an alliance with Sony and CyberAgent. Kadokawa released this news on Thursday in in its third quarter financial results presentation. The alliance is a way for Kadokawa to strengthen it’s reach and popularity in the games and anime industry. This will be beneficial for the other two corporations as well. The three companies can share their expertise with each other regarding their respective fields. This will help them to gain a better quality in their products.

Kadokawa also wants to increase the quality of it’s IPs as well as acquire new IPs all around the globe. It will help Kadokawa to enhance game IP development and rollout and enhance animation rollout. It will also open up new platforms for the company, as well as acquire new investors for the development of future projects.

Kadokawa will issue CyberAgent and Sony 1,422,475 shares each, which will give each company 1.93% ownership.

Source : AnimeNewsNetwork.