Junya Ikeda Gets Replaced From The Kingdoms of Ruin Anime Following Arrest

Following the announcement of voice actor Junya Ikeda’s arrest in connection with a special fraud case, the official website of The Kingdoms Of Ruin anime revealed on Oct 30, 2023, that they have decided to replace Ikeda.

Ikeda voiced the character Oz Gorgeous in The Kingdoms Of Ruin anime.

Oz Gorgeous Junya Ikeda

According to the website, the details regarding the new voice actor along with any impact on broadcast schedule will be revealed soon on the official sources.

Checkout the full statement below:

Announcement of Cast Change for ‘Oz Gorgeous’ in Response to CV Replacement

We sincerely appreciate your support for the TV anime ‘The Destructive Kingdom.’ In light of the news of the arrest of the suspect, Junya Ikeda, we have decided to replace the voice actor (CV) for ‘Oz Gorgeous,’ a character in the TV anime ‘The Destructive Kingdom.’

We will provide further details on the new CV and any impact on the broadcast schedule at a later date.

October 30, 2023
The Destructive Kingdom Production Committe

In addition, Happy Elements, the company that created Ensemble Star game, also released a statement regarding the involvement of Ikeda, stating that they are currently in the process of confirming the facts regarding the arrest of the voice actor, and that they will consider the appropriate course of action after the evaluation.

Junya Ikeda is a Japanese actor and voice actor. He is known for voicing Knives Millions in Trigun Stampede, Jo Kido in the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna and the six Digimon Adventure tri. movies, Takashi Yoshizawa as After the Rain, among others.

Source: The Kingdoms of Ruin Anime Official Website, Happy Elements