Jump+ Author Complains Salary Runs Out After Paying For Assistants & Materials

According to the author, the performance based incentive that they receive is apparently not enough.

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Newbie Jump+ author Suzuo, who’s manga 100-nichi-go Ni ××× Suru On’na Shachō to Shin’nyū Shain (Female President & New Employee Who will XXX After 100 Days) is currently being serialized on the app, revealed in a recent tweet that they run out of salary after paying for assistants, materials, taxes and other stuff.

Though Suzuo deleted their tweets, Otakomu has a copy of them on their site.

Suzuo's tweet about salary disappearing

“Here is my salary for my indie serialization in Jump+, please see it. In addition, it seems that I almost run out of money for assistants, materials, communication, supplies, taxes, and whatnot,” Suzuo wrote in the tweet.

The author posted a table of salary that Jump+ provides for Indie serializations on the micro-blogging site. Suzuo also refuted any claims of information leaks saying that all the data was available on the official website of Jump+.

Salary table
A table detailing basic manuscript fee and popularity bonus money

In addition to a fix manuscript fee of 5000 yen, authors who are a part of Indie serialization get a bonus payment based on the number of views that their manga gets. In Shueisha’s own words, an author can earn up to 20,000 yen per page for serializing their work in Jump+ Indie (if the chapter gets 1 million views).

Suzuo Tweet 2

However, according to Suzuo, who currently has published 5 chapters of their manga on the platform, the performance based incentive that they receive is apparently not enough. The author said that Indie publication and normal publication were quite similar yet different as the former doesn’t have a volume release or book runs. This again put a dent in the earnings that an author can get from their manga.

Shueisha’s Jump+ Indie Serialization encourages mangakas to publish their works on Jump+ platform for free without going through the hassles of editorial name check, if it is too much for an artist to communicate with their contact person.

While the story will be vetted for Shueisha’s publication standards, the publisher claims that an author can earn a lot of money with their own ability. Meaning, no editor will be in charge of the manga, leaving the author free to think and continue to the story as they wish.

The process to be selected for Jump+ Indie serialization involves gaining popularity in the “Serialization Contest Rankings” that are held in the manga submission service Jump Rookie. The rankings are based on the number of views that the last three chapters of the submitted manga.

A manga getting promoted from indie serialization to regular serialization, or an indie serialization getting a book/volume release would be a dream come true for many artists. And if that were the case, more submissions would be made to the competition that currently chooses manga for indie serialization in Jump+, claims Suzuo.

Suzuo started publishing their manga in Shonen Jump+ website on March 11, 2022. Till now 5 chapters have been published. The chapters get updated every Friday. Jump+ describes the manga plot as follows;

Mai is a screwed-up new employee. To take responsibility, she decides to go out with Eri, the beautiful president of the company, even though they are both women. What will happen to their relationship after 100 days?

Source: Otakomu, Shonen Jump Indie Serialization

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