Jujutsu Kaisen ED Animator Launches New Anime Studio

He asks for fans and industry leader's support in the long run.

Yuuki Igarashi Launches New Anime

The animator of Jujutsu Kaisen anime’s first ED, Yuuki Igarashi, launched a new animation studio called OUTLINE on Monday. It also released an animated music video for Gen Hoshino’s new song Isekai Kongo Dai-Budokai (feat. Obake) as their first official work.


OUTLINE is owned by anime planning and production coordination company Twin Engine’s Engine Of The Animation studio team. The EOTA studio also owns Bug Film and Scooter Films, both the companies were registered in October 2021.

The studio wishes to provide charming characters, cutting edge action and enforce the culture of always aiming for the best.

The studio was established with the help of Anime Studio 8-Bits‘ founder and ex-representative director Tsutomu Kasai.

Igarashi is famous for his work in Star Wars: Visions short anime episode.

Igurashi further commented on the launch of his new anime studio:

“As for how I started the studio, I can simply say, “I wanted to give it a try, even if it failed. To delve a little deeper, when I saw Hayao Miyazaki, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Hideaki Anno, and the other creators who inspired me to enter the industry, all of whom are still happily creating works at the forefront at the age of 50, 60, or even 70 or 80, I simply thought,” I want to be like them. I really want to be like them. At the same time, when I asked myself if that future was really waiting for me with the way I was working now, I had a strong feeling that it was not.
The changes in the environment surrounding the animation industry over the past five or six years have been quite dramatic. The shortage of human resources and the soaring quality required by each company have caused considerable headaches, exhaustion due to overconcentration of work, and resetting of human resources and works…. If we continued to do this, we would dry up. I believe that my desire to become an animator was rooted in my desire to ‘enjoy’ and ‘continue creating’ animated films. What do you have that your predecessors have that you don’t? I think it is to find a balance between ‘making what you want to make’ and ‘making a business out of it,’ and to “keep that balance as a team. With this in mind, I began to take on other duties besides animation, such as directing and supervising, so that I could be involved in animation from a broader perspective, but I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to create a studio and take on new challenges. I hope you will support me in the long run.”

Source: Comic Natalie

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