JJK Chapter 143 Spoilers: Major Revelations About Yuta And Yuji!

The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 143 have surfaced online to hint at what will happen in the chapter.

Itadori Yuji

Jujutsu Kaisen is a story that always keeps us on the edge of our seats. The previous chapter 142 had shot up our excitement and nervousness both. And a week’s wait seems too long!

The spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 143 have surfaced online to hint at what will happen in the chapter. However, since these are spoilers, we can only take them with a pinch of salt. Make sure to read the official release on Viz and Mangaplus!

Before diving into chapter 143, let’s have a recap of the previous chapter.

What happened in chapter 142?

In chapter 142, we saw a fierce (but satisfying) clash between Choso and Naoya.

To counter Naoya’s Projection Technique, Choso used Flowing Red Scale Scale Stack to improve his vision. Naoya tried to retaliate by stabbing CHoso with a cursed weapon, but it backfired at him. Choso used his huge amount of blood and Naoya’s distraction to create space between them. His Blood Manipulation put Naoya in a terrible shape. Just as Choso was about to land the final blow, Okkotsu came dragging Yuji and knocked Choso out by a punch.

So what happened next?

Chapter 143 spoilers and summary

Chapter 143 is one of those major chapters, full of revelations to send us in a frenzy. The pacing of the chapter looks intense from the spoilers and raw scans.

  • Naoya was in pretty bad shape after his fight with Choso. He realized that Choso is not a human and his blood is actually poison. Yuta asked him if he wants to be healed by reversed cursed technique. Well, not like he was gonna say no. Thus, Yuta healed him in return for a single thing. That is, he wants Naoya to report Itadori Yuji’s death to the jujutsu authorities.
  • The biggest reveal in chapter 143 has to be of Yuji’s mother. Gege had said in an interview a little while ago that he will introduce Yuji’s parents soon, but we didn’t think he would act on it so soon! And how! While Yuji is unconscious, he dreams of his family, and we see his grandfather and parents. It is not a dream, but Yuji’s childhood memory. In it, Yuji’s grandfather is warning his father (Itadori Jin) to leave “that woman.”

    In fact, he gives a fairly ominous warning to Jin that he will die. They also start talking about a “Kaori” and it seems that she was Itadori Jin’s ex-wife who died. Before we could know why exactly she died (this is fishy), Yuji’s mother shows up. And guess what? Yuji’s mother clearly has the stitches akin to Geto’s, so hello there, Brain-kun (chan?). Could Yuji’s grandfather be suspicious because a dead Kaori came back to life (like with Geto)? Or are Kaori and Yuji’s mom totally different people?

Wait, so does that mean Choso and Yuji are actually brothers? Step-brothers? And if Yuji’s grandfather was warning him so clearly, did he really know the truth behind Mama Itadori?

  • All hail Gojo-sensei! Gege had hinted that his business trip overseas to meet Yuta and was not for nothing. Truthfully, Gojo is a genius; he thought way ahead and considered a situation where something happens to him. In September, he asked Yuta to protect the first and second years and take care of Yuji.

    We had speculated that Yuta actually did not want to kill Yuji, which turned out to be true. Yuta was, in fact, a double agent! He is happy when Yuji wakes up. He killed Yuji because of the Binding Vow with the jujutsu authorities and revived him later. According to him, only a few people can output positive cursed energy. He used the reversed cursed technique to revive Yuji.
  • We had also speculated that Megumi would arrive at the scene soon, and so he did! Although he looks really distraught because of Tsumiki’s condition. Tsumiki is caught up in Brain’s Annihilation Migration. He asks Yuji for help with Tsumiki and wants to take him back to the Jujutsu school.
  • Yuji refutes to go back like everything is normal and blames himself for the deaths in Shibuya, thanks to Sukuna. So, Yuta comforts him by a conversation about unwanted power and duties. Even Megumi tells Yuji that they are not heroes; they are jujutsu sorcerers. And the best thing they could do is to try and save as many people as they can.

Game of death

An apocalypse is looming over the entirety of humankind. The Brain has begun the survival of the fittest with a Death Game with 8 rules. This “game” sounds like a brutal fest of blood.

  1. Players (basically the non-shamans that fake Getou awakened) move inside a barrier (curtain?) within 19 days of awakening.
  2. If players refuse to participate, they will lose their cursed technique.
  3. Anyone who enters a barrier of Game of Death will be considered a participant.
  4. Players get points by killing other players.
  5. Points are given by the game master (Geto?) according to the players’ lives. Non-shamans are worth 1 point, and shamans are worth 5 points.
  6. The players who attain 100 points over the worth of their own lives can negotiate rules with the game master.
  7. The addition of rules will be allowed if it does not greatly interfere with the continuation of the game.
  8. If a player fails to acquire any points for19 days after acquiring their cursed technique or joining the game, they will lose their cursed technique.

The next arc has kicked off and it seems that it will be darker than the Shibuya Incident too. Like the last line of the chapter says: the game of death begins!

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