JJK Chapter 223 Analysis: Gojo vs Sukuna Fight Begins!

Gojo VS Sukuna

Its a great time to be a Jujutsu Kaisen fan right now. Despite all the backlash and whining about the time-skip that we had in the previous chapter, JJK chapter 223 is proving to be thoroughly enjoyable.

When the time skip happened to Dec 24, we were sure that a lot of flashbacks were going to happen during the course of the epic Gojo vs Sukuna showdown. And as expected, JJK chapter 223 has a decent chunk of flashback with crucial information revealed in it.

However, the best part, and in fact the most hype part about the chapter is that Gojo vs Sukuna is officially happening and it started with a bang!!

Now, let’s try to understand what is happening in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 223, now that the chapter is finally out:

The preparations in JJK chapter 223:

JJK chapter 223 begins with the preparations that happen before Gojo vs Sukuna. Ijichi is having a chat with Gojo, wherein the latter reveals what he experienced inside the prison realm! And from what we see, it’s not something Gojo will want to experience again.

He compares it to a hectic work week, which makes me wonder if its actually Akutami conveying his thoughts using Gojo.

Ijichi also mentions that the people who were affected by Gojo’s unlimited void during Shibuya have been healed. That is almost in line with what the narrator had mentioned back in chapter 89. It was said that these people would rehabilitate and join the society within a period of two months.

And now its December 24, which is almost two months after the Shibuya incident, which took place on October 31!

Another crucial piece of information which we get is this, Shibuya was the ground zero for curses that were released by Kenjaku after Shibuya. However, all of these cursed spirits stayed away from basement B5, because of the presence of Gojo’s residual cursed energy over there.

This is once again a testament to how strong and influential of a sorcerer Satoru is!!

More importantly, we finally understand why Gakuganji and Utahime were the ones present with Gojo, through a flashback, obviously!

The flashback:

Before Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 223 dropped, everyone was complaining about how Akutami did not give enough character interactions. To be more specific, they wanted to know how Gojo would have reacted to the deaths of Nanami and Yaga.

When Gakuganji had appeared besides Gojo in the previous chapter, there was a visible frustration in the fandom, not knowing what had happened behind the scenes between the two and why Gojo had decided to forgive the old geezer.

Well, we get some of those much yearned interactions in this chapter.

It seems that Gakuganji still harbors guilt over killing Yaga. When he tells Gojo that he killed the Principal, Gojo only replies with an ‘okay’. The old man asks him why he wasn’t cursing him for the acts he did.

Turns out that Gojo thinks it was his fault that Yaga died. He blames himself for getting sealed and moreover he understands that Gakuganji was simply complying with the orders of the higher ups.

After hearing what Yaga’s final words were, Gojo feels that Gakuganji has changed a lot, and he was no longer a lackey for the higher-ups. Immediately after that, we are shown a shocking panel which has sparked a huge discourse among fans.

The higher-ups are dead! But who killed them?

The panel in question shows all of the higher-ups dead. Without a doubt, they were all murder*d in cold blood by someone. Rampant theories state that Gojo was the one who killed the higher ups.

I mean that was something the fans were expecting to happen.

Gojo himself had stated his desire to kill them in the initial chapters. And their actions while Gojo was sealed, made him cross the thin line that he had set for himself. There was no way he would let them go scot-free. However, we still haven’t got any sort of confirmation for the same, even though the narrative seems to suggest so.

And precisely because of that, there are some theories floating around, which also speculate that Yuta and Inumaki could have been the ones who killed the higher-ups. Once again, this is mostly based on their conversation in chapter 222, and the backdrop in that scene.

Gojo vs Sukuna begins:

As I mentioned before, Akutami has finally revealed what Utahime’s cursed technique is, in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 223. It is called the Solo Solo Forbidden Area. Sounds a lot like a One Piece Devil fruit!

Her technique is similar to a buff in video games, increasing the cursed energy reserves and output of some people she targets with it along with her own.

We also get to know that Ijichi is tasked with building a barrier that is masking what Gojo is actually doing. This comes in very handy. The reason why Gojo tasked Ijichi with such an important task? Well, its because Ijichi is the one Gojo trusts the most!! It felt soo good to hear it from his mouth. The man finally gets some approval, and it was long time coming.

Another important detail that we get in the chapter is about the art of subtraction.

According to the narrator, the degree to which a sorcerer can minimize the use of intonation, hand-signs and other things that constitute in activating their cursed technique, then it is believed that they excel at jujutsu.

However, in this case, Utahime does not omit anything, and by sublimating her cursed technique into a ritual, she gains more efficiency. This is akin to a binding vow.

Thanks to Utahime’s CT, Gojo begins the assault on Sukuna with a 200% effective Hollow Purple. The panel and the way Gojo pulls it off, almost gave me goosebumps. Gojo vs. Sukuna is living up to the hype!!

And as I mentioned before, the barrier that Ijichi created, helps Gojo to catch Sukuna off-guard and the latter is forced to tank the overpowered Hollow Purple head on.

Large scale destruction is caused and Sukuna kind of loses his arm in the fight. But then, the fact that the King of the Curses was able to survive the Hollow Purple, even after taking it head on, proves that he is no joke.

In the end, Gojo appears in front of Sukuna and cracks a badass dialogue, saying that Sukuna is merely a challenger at this point, reinstating the fact that Gojo STILL holds the title of the strongest sorcerer.

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