Japan’s Anime Song Event Gets Cancelled After Receiving Arson & Death Threats


The official website of the ‘AniLoca Fes in Shiga’ project announced the cancellation of the event that was scheduled to take place on Dec 22, 2023, in Shiga Prefecture, due to receiving threatening mails that posed an imminent danger to attendees, performers, and staff.

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Takahiro Yamada, event organizer and Japanese composer, known for providing theme songs for Dororo and The Tatami Galaxy, expressed his heartfelt apology to fans, stating, “No matter how many times we thought about it, we couldn’t come up with a way to hold the festival while ensuring everyone’s safety.”

The threats received outlined disturbing and detailed plans, including violence at a nearby station, arson within the venue, and harm to specific performer associated with Aniloca. The gravity of the situation escalated further as the criminal responsible opened a blog to recruit and incite accomplices.

He also revealed that the decision to cancel the event was taken after thorough discussions with the local police, venue, and the organizing committee, stating that it was not feasible to conduct the event with the necessary safety measures.

Although Yamada expressed his frustration at succumbing to the threats, he emphasized that safety of attendees, performers, and management staff is the utmost priority.

He went on to assure that the police are actively investigating the threats, and that those who purchased the tickets will be refunded.

I am truly, deeply angered by such criminal acts and absolutely cannot accept them. Therefore, the Aniroca team will not give up. We will definitely devise countermeasures and hold the first Aniloca FES in the future. I would be grateful if you could wait until that day,” Yamada stated.

‘AniLoca Fes in Shiga’ project is described as an event “invigorating Japan from the countryside through Anime Songs“.

Japanese voice actress’ and singers such as Sora Tokui, Akane Kumada, Rin Kurusu, Aina Aiba, Kanako Takatsuki, among others were set to perform in the event.

Source: Official Website

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