Japanese Illustrators Appeal For Laws To Protect Their Works From AI Software

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AI has been taking over the online world by storm in the guise of making work easier for humans. True, a huge impact is being made by AI everywhere, especially when it comes to writing, animating, illustrating, among others.

But these impacts come with its downsides, which includes the downfall of human creativity with all its perfections and imperfections.

Japanese Illustrators Appeal For Laws To Protect Their Works From AI Software.
Image source: NHK World

The aftermath of which can be seen in the lives of various Japanese illustrators and cartoonists, as a group of around 30 artists made an appeal regarding the copywrite violation on their works by AI during a news conference held on April 27, 2023.

They accuse people who use AI to copy and generate images without the prior permission from the copywrite holders of the work.

These AI modified images are then posed as their own works, with no credits given to the artist whatsoever.

An illustrator Mokume Momiji claimed that a lot of his works have been misused in such a way and he says its unforgivable.

They urge the Japanese government to bring in such laws that would protect the creative activities and artists’ rights.

These artists want a policy where the developers of image generating AI to first obtain the permission from the artists whose works they are going to use to train the program, and that the creators who use their images must first be required to pay an amount for using the original work.

They also mentioned that the images created using AI should also be labelled the same.

Source: NHK World

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