Japan Anime Association Releases List Of 15,000 Anime Titles

The Japan Anime Association has released list of anime works containing 15,000 anime titles along with their age, Japanese syllabary, and keywords. The list is called Anime Taizen or Anime Encyclopaedia.

The list was released as part of the “Anime NEXT_100” project, a project to celebrate 100 years of Anime. The start of anime is considered to be year 1917.

anime database.png
anime taisen database

A senior official, Junko Ueno, said that “the database can be used for human resource development, overseas promotion, and research”. He also hopes that the people will come across anime which they haven’t seen before and might pick them up.

anime database phone
Image Courtesy: Anime News Network.

The Anime NEXT_100 project promoted anime’s 100th anniversary since 2015.

Source: Anime News Network

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