Japan Aims To Quadruple Overseas Market For Anime By 2033


Japan’s government has unveiled plans to significantly boost the global popularity of the country’s creative industries, including anime, games, and other cultural content to 20 trillion yen by 2033, which is over four times the current market size.

This target is part of a broader Cool Japan strategy, which seeks to generate 50 trillion yen annually by 2033 through various sectors like content exports, agriculture, fashion, and tourism.

cool japan

According to government data, overseas sales of Japan’s content creation industry, primarily anime and games, reached 4.7 trillion yen in 2022. This figure is comparable to Japan’s steel industry exports and is approaching the value of its semiconductor industry exports.

Recognizing this, the government has designated the content creation sector as a basic industry and plans to provide substantial support.

To achieve these targets, the government plans to support efforts to discover new talent in the creative industries, address unfair trade practices that suppress wages, and enhance cooperation with international law enforcement to combat piracy and counterfeit products.

Prime Minister Kishida recently announced the revival of its signature Cool Japan strategy with a renewed focus on promoting anime worldwide.

The Cool Japan Program which started in 2013, initially aimed to promote various aspects of Japanese culture overseas. By the end of Fiscal Year 2021, however, the Cool Japan Fund had amassed a debt of 30.9 billion yen (~ USD 228.9 million), which made the The Ministry of Finance consider abolishing it.

As a possible means to overcome the previous issues, the new policy will aim to “provide flexible and continuous support over multiple years” for the overseas expansion of young creators and artists.

Source: Kyodo News

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