Is Muichiro Tokito Stronger Than Rengoku? Is He A Sun Breath User In Demon Slayer?

The second episode of Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc dropped and introduced another Hashira with a full-fledged arc i.e. Muichiro Tokito.

Although, in the first season Tokito is mentioned as a Mist Breath User however the second episode mentions that he is a descendant of the sun breath user. So is Muichiro Tokito a Sun Breathing Style user? Let’s find out.


But before we jump to that, let us find out a few basic things about Muichiro Tokito.

Muichiro Tokito

Is Muichiro Tokito A Girl Or A Boy?

Well unless Muichiro Tokito is from our reality and is gender fluid, the author of Demon Slayer manga, Koyoharu Goutoge has clearly mentioned that Tokito is a boy.

So with that out of the picture let’s go to the main doubts.

Is Muichiro Tokito A Sun Breath User?

In the second episode of Demon Slayer, Muichiro’s crow proudly says that he is a descendant of the sun-breathing technique user vis-a-vis he can also use sun breathing right?

However, Muichiro Tokito is introduced as the Mist Hashira in the first season so which breathing technique does Muichiro Tokito use?

As mentioned earlier, Tokito is a descendant of the sun breath user, so this helped Muichiro to become a prodigy on his own accord. He became a Hashira within 2 months of joining the Demon Slayer Corps.

He is also the youngest Hashira and is younger and smaller than Tanjiro, an actual Sun Breath user.

Despite being a descendant of the sun breath user, Muichiro Tokito actually uses the Mist Breathing technique to fight off demons. The mist breathing technique is a derived form of the wind breathing technique which is used by Sanemi Shinazugawa, the wind hashira.

However, as mentioned earlier, his genetics did help him become a prodigy.

However, who is the Sun Breath user that is related to Muichiro Tokito or is it really a Sun Breath user his ancestor?

Currently, we know only two Sun Breath users, one is Tanjiro and the other is Yoriichi. So does this imply that Yoriichi is the ancestor of Muichiro?

But we also know that Yoriichi had a brother. Could that brother be a Sun Breath User?

Is Muichiro Tokito Related To Kokushibo or Yoriichi?

It is well known that Kokushibo and Yoriichi are siblings and only Yoriichi knew Sun Breathing out of them. So Muichiro must be Yoriichi’s descendant right?

Well technically he is and he is not, this is because Yoriichi never married or had any children of his own. So having descendants is pretty much a farfetched dream for him.

However, his brother, Michikatsu Tsugikuni, had a wife and a son prior to becoming a demon called Kokushibo, the upper rank 1.

It is from this bloodline that Muichiro Tokito is a descendant of a Sun Breath user.

When Kokushibo first meets Muichiro he immediately recognized Tokito to be his descendant. To test his mettle Kokushibo also uses his Moon Breathing Technique against him which is met by resistance.

Kokushibo lauds that with praise since Tokito is just a 14-15-year-old kid who can dual with Upper Moon Rank 1 demon.

Although, the power gap between them is too vast and Kokushibo wasn’t even using his Demon Art just his basic Moon Breathing technique.

However, it was thanks to Muichiro’s efforts that led Sanemi and Gyomei Himejima to defeat Kokushibo in the final battle.

If Muichiro can dual with Upper Moon 1 Kokushibo does that mean he is one of the strongest Hashira? Is he stronger than Rengoku?

Is Muichiro Tokito stronger than Rengoku?

Rengoku had become a fan favourite character since the introduction of him in the series. His charisma, his sensitive nature and amazing fight style were loved by all.

However, he fell against the third upper moon demon Akaza during the battle of Mugen Train.

And now that Muichiro is fighting the upper moon rank 5 demon in the anime and in the manga he was able to defeat the demon alone.

This led many fans to believe that Muichiro could be stronger than Rengoku since he defeated an upper moon alone.

But is Muichiro Tokito really stronger than Rengoku? Let’s find out, we will judge the two based on the feats and their lineage and the enemy they are fighting.

Let’s start with Muichiro:

  1. Tokito defeated an upper moon rank 5 alone.
  2. Tokito uses Mist breathing which is a subsidiary of Wind Breathing, which again is a subsidiary of Sun Breathing.
  3. He fought upper moon rank 1 demon Kokushibo for a brief moment and lost an arm and was pretty much not there during the fight. However, his slight intervention at the end is what led to victory.
  4. Also he was a descendant of the same upper moon rank 1 demon Kokushibo, hence he had innate talent to use Sun Breathing if taught.
  5. He was the first of the Hashira’s to develop the curse mark.
  6. He was also the first to defeat an upper rank with a curse mark.

Talking about Rengoku:

  1. Rengoku fought with upper rank moon 3 and almost killed Akaza.
  2. He also had to protect people on the train and the young demon slayers with him.
  3. Rengoku was strong enough to hold on his own against Akaza until dawn without the curse mark.
  4. Rengoku used Fire Breathing which is almost close to Sun Breathing.

Noticing the pattern and feats here, we can say that Rengoku was stronger than Muichiro in these instances. However, if Muichiro had more time he would have become stronger than Rengoku for sure.

Muichiro had great potential thanks to his lineage, he also became a hashira within 2 months of joining the corps.

Whereas, Rengoku had to train for almost his entire life to become as strong as he was.

Also, Rengoku almost defeated upper rank 3 demon without the curse mark and Muichiro had to use the curse mark to defeat upper rank 5. So the difference in power and ability is pretty evident.

So I’ll say Rengoku is stronger than Muichiro Tokito until the end of the series.

Does Muichiro Tokito Die?

Muichiro’s character arc is filled with tragedy after tragedy. He lost his family parallel-y to the story of Tanjiro and Nezuko going on their journey.

He then lost his beloved master and then he had to fight Upper Moon Rank 1 first before anyone else that too alone.

Knowing that Kokushibo is the strongest of the 12 Kizuki pitching him against a child like Muichiro Tokito is a testament to his strength. However, Tokito doesn’t stand against Kokushibo for long.

He easily gets his arm cut and shoulder stabbed when the demon uses his Moon Breathing.

However, due to his interference and awakening the Demon Slayer curse mark and the ability to see the Transparent World, Muichiro was able to turn his sword bright red by gripping it too tight and halt the regeneration of the demon.

This allowed Sanemi and Gyoumei to deal the final blow to Kokushibo.

However, during this battle, Kokushibo managed to cut Tokito Muichiro and Genya Shinazugawa in half which ultimately led to their deaths.


So yeah this is everything you need to know about Tokito Muichiro, the child prodigy and the youngest Hashira with the highest potential.

You can read demon slayer manga at Viz.

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