Illustrator Considered As Criminal After Threatens To Assassinate A Politician

Illustrator threatens to kill politician

Masahito Nishikawa (52), a newcomer to the Constitutional Democratic Party who was running for the House of Representatives election in the 6th district of Hokkaido lodged a criminal complaint about Twitter user @coffeecup_man for a post that was considered a ” death threat “.

The user, who describes himself as an illustrator, shared a post on Twitter on Oct. 28th showing some of the candidates, but added an arrow pointing to the politician Masahito Nishikawa and wrote: ” It will be OK to attack and kill this man .”

His publication went viral and reached Japanese newspapers who shared reports revealing Nishikawa had to cancel all his street speeches scheduled for the same day and the following because of security reasons.

@coffeecup_man is completely aware of the rabbit hole he fell into as soon as he was accused of making death threats over the internet and then deleting it and adding a public apology that will do little to serve the court.

Mr. Nishikawa said: “I was unable to work at all during the limited electoral calendar. I am very disappointed and angry ”.

On the poster bulletin board in Shibetsu city, it is said that a tape marked with a cross was found on Mr. Nishikawa’s face.

Source: Mainichi News via Kudasai

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