IG Port Rakes In Profits Due To Spy X Family, Aoashi, Attack On Titan & Others

However, the publishing business went down.

I.G Port

Japan’s one of the biggest animation production company IG Port released the reports for the first quarter of 2022 on October 14, 2022. The company is in profits due to the success of Anime under its belt like Attack On Titan, Spy X Family, Ghost In The Shell, Aoashi, Ousama Ranking, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These etc.

The company owns video production companies like Production I.G, WIT STUDIO, and other companies.

The consolidated sales for the three months from June 1 to August 31 rose 15.5% to 2.649 billion yen. Operating profit was 278 million yen, up 95.2%, recurring profit was 301 million yen (up 118.8%), and net income was 251 million yen (up 90.7%).

In addition to the animation production business’s performance turning around, profits from the copyright business grew significantly. However, the manga and other publishing businesses were sluggish.

The video production sales during the period were 1.544 billion yen (+32.3%), and operating profit was 88 million yen (+786.8%).

Whereas, TV/Distributed Animation sales were 1.151 billion yen and theater anime sales were 183 million yen and Other Animation sales were 206 million yen. Which is due to the increase in series productions compared to previous year.

However, the publishing business of Port IG took serious hits, sales were 577 million yen (-8.2% YoY), and operating profit was 102 million yen (-40.4% YoY). The reason behind this is the drop in publishing of titles.

The total sales for the full year are predicted to cross 10 billion yen which seems to be on target as the company themselves forecasted that they might cross 11.613 billion yen mark this year.

Source: Animation Business Info

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