How True Are The Rumours About Wit Studios Not Animating Attack On Titan Season 4

UPDATE: As of May 29, 2020 it has been confirmed that MAPPA will be animating the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan. The details about this can be found in the following link!

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Rumours revolving around Wit Studio not animating Attack on Titan Sesaon 4 have begun to surface again. The main reason for this being the reports regarding a shake up of executives withing Wit Studios. However, these rumours have been around since last year, since a Chinese animator shared a post relating to it.

But then are these rumours really worth believing?

Till now Attack on Titan was being animated by Wit Studio, which has become one of the biggest animation studios in Japan today. Along with Attack on Titan, they are best known for works like Vinland Saga, Kabaneri of The Iron Fortress and The Ancient Magus Bride. However, rumours initially came out in 2019 about Wit Studio no longer animating Attack on Titan after he shared a post which said that Season 3 will be final season of Attack on Titan that Wit Studio animates.

Many sources in the industry added fuel to the fire claiming that there were many ‘complicated reasons’ as to why Wit had abruptly decided to stop animating the series which gained them much fame and recognition. However, these rumours were partly quelled when Season 4 of the anime was announced by Wit Studios with its premiere set for Fall 2020.

Now, after recent reports of a shake up within Wit Studio, those previous rumours have begun making the rounds again.

IG Port, which is the parent company of several anime studios including Production I.G and Wit Studio, recently announced that a producer within Wit Studio studio was set for a big promotion to become the vice president of Production I.G. The producer in question is George Wada who is also the president of Wit Studio since 2012. He was in charge of overlooking the creation of Attack on Titan and other projects which put Wit Studio on its path to success. 

Gauging from the rumours, Attack on Titan would change studios but still effectively remain under IG port, meaning the anime could be handled by Production I.G instead of Wit Studio. It could be partly because of Wit Studio having its hands full due to its work on the upcoming anime Great Pretender and, as some speculate, the second season of Vinland Saga.

Attack on Titan is a fan favourite mainly because of its superb animation quality which complements the awesome plot of the anime. A change in studio means increased chances of animation quality dropping/changing (as seen with Seven Deadly Sins when it shifted to Studio Deen). Also the fans are very skeptical about the rumoured change, considering that Wit Studio was very dedicated to the series.

But then the fact that Production I.G is a more than capable studio with previous works like Psycho Pass, Ghost in The Shell series, Haikyuu etc. Also, Production I.G is not completely new to Attack on Titan franchise as they co-operated with Wit Studios during the production of Attack on Titan Season 1. 

Also, since both studios come under the same parent company, IG Port, they might be able to share resources and experience to help maintain the same quality of production as seen in the previous seasons of Attack on Titan. 

However, we should not forget the fact that this is still a rumour as of now, and we hope that Attack on Titan remains with Wit Studios for its fourth and final season. 

What are your views on Attack on Titan changing studios? Do you think the quality of animation will remain the same if Wit Studio is not animating Attack on Titan Season 4? Let us know your views in the comments section!!

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