How Beerus Almost Got The Entire Multiverse Erased In Dragon Ball Super


Beerus is always critical of Goku when it comes to his manners and tells him to be very VERY careful while dealing with the Grand Zeno. But what if I told you that Beerus once found himself in the bad books of the Omni King?

Amongst the additions the Manga made to the story, Dragon Ball Super gave us another tit-bit on Beerus’s past as a God of Destruction.

The Angels, the G.O.Ds and the Supreme Kais of all Universes, on seeing a message by the Grand Priest, assembled in Grand Zeno’s world. The father of all Angels gathered them to discuss about the Tournament of Power.

But since Future Zeno has no idea how a martial arts tournament works, the Grand Priest requests the Destroyers of all Universes to fight in a Battle Royale in an exhibition match. During their squabble, the Destroyers recollected a particular happening that made Beerus feel so embarrassed. This unpleasant memory is the reason why all of the other G.O.Ds hate Beerus.

Why do the other Gods of Destruction hate Beerus?

Seeing Goku was responsible for making this Zeno Exhibition match take place, the Destroyer Gods from other Universes glared at Beerus. Quintela, the G.O.D of Universe 4, said that Beerus is their prime target. The G.O.Ds held a grudge on him already, so this was nothing new. So what is this “event” they were talking about?

An action of Beerus almost resulted in the entire Multiverse's destruction
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 28 – All the Destroyer Gods hate Beerus

As Whis explains to Shin, this event happened before when Shin became the Supreme Kai of Universe 7. So this took place more than 5 million years ago when the Grand Supreme Kai was around.

What was the event which made the others have a grudge against Beerus?

Grand Zeno was bored and wanted to hold an “All Universe Hide and Seek” tournament. The Omni King made all the Supreme Kais, Angels and G.O.Ds of all Universes participate. Of course, nobody can oppose the ‘Supreme Ruler of All’ for their own good. So all of them went and hid.

Everything went off smoothly…..
Until Beerus slept off while hiding. For more than 50 years!! The “50 years” must be according to Earth’s calendar and not the Divine calendar.

After calling out for him, he never came out. Whis knows how hard it is to wake up Beerus. Check out the first scene of the Battle of Gods movie for a little demo!

What happened after Beerus slept off?

The first-ever Multi-Universal Hide & Seek tournament had to be canceled because they couldn’t find Beerus. The Grand Zeno was so excited about this. This gave him a chance to kill his boredom. In the end, he became so furious that he threatened to erase all the Universes from existence.

The Destroyer Gods from the other 11 Universes had to make extremely intensive efforts to calm his anger.

It’s because of this predicament that they have a hatred for Beerus. But Whis also says “Apart from this, they also have some personal grudges too”. It’s not yet revealed what those grudges are. It could be one of the following:

  • Because of Beerus’ laziness and slacking off from his work, they looked at Beerus in a shameful way.
  • Universe 7 has a very low Mortal level (Second to last amongst all Universes). So they like to pick on Beerus.
  • Beerus is actually one of the strongest G.O.Ds out there and the others are jealous of him.
Beerus is being targeted by the other Gods of Destruction
Chapter 28 – The other G.O.Ds gang up against Beerus

From here, it looks like the other G.O.Ds like to team up and pick on Beerus. They must be doing that from time to time. Even in the Tournament of Power, there was constant hatred for Universe 7 and they were the prime target right off the bat. It seems Beerus needs to stop yelling at Goku for his stupidity and check his own stupidity for once.

It seems Goku’s genes are rubbing onto Beerus, remember this hilarious scene? Khu Khu Khu


What do you think of Beerus’ relationship with the other G.O.Ds? Is he the strongest Destroyer amongst all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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