Hollywood Stars Give A Sexy Twist To Anime Characters For Halloween 2022

There are several Bollywood actors who are anime fans as well.

With Halloween ending just few hours ago, many people channeled their inner horror spirits and dressed up like them. However, Hollywood singing and pop sensation Alicia Keys and hotel chain owner Paris Hilton channeled their inner anime fans.

Although Halloween is the night of demons, Alicia Keys decided to become a ‘Goddess’ Of Destruction. And boy did she slay in her Beerus outfit. Check her out here:

Though many people confused her with 5th element alien singer from 5th element. She was indeed Beerus from Dragon Ball Super. The singer slayed in her outfit and definitely ‘destroyed’ other people in the room and across the internet with her sensuality and charm.

While Keys decided to become a God, Paris Hilton decided to give a sensuous and sexy twist to the iconic and her and everyone from the 80’s and 90’s childhood favourite character Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon.

Paris wore a shiny version with an open midriff version of Usagi’s classic Sailor Moon transformation suit.

Check the outfit here:

Although, many Hollywood artists are anime fans they decided to not display their this side to people on Halloween.

Other than these two other Hollywood celebrities who are anime fans are Samuel L. Jackson, Michael B. Jordan, Quentin Tarantino etc. Whereas are there are several Bollywood actors who are also anime fans.

Source: Instagram & Twitter.