Hitori Bocchi Manga Ending Soon


Hitori Bocchi no MaruMaru Seikatsu manga is coming to an end in April 2021. Kodakawa shared this news in the 89th issue of Comic Dengeki Diaoh G magazine. The series is better known as Hitori Bocchi’s “__” Life.

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Katsuwo is the creator of the manga. The first issue of the manga was incidentally in the inaugural issue of Comic Dengeki Diaoh G magazine.

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The manga also inspired a television anime. The anime premiered in April 2019.

Crunchyroll describes the anime as :

Hitori Bocchi, a girl with extreme social anxiety, has had only one friend throughout elementary school. When Bocchi learns they’ll be split up after graduation, she makes a promise to her: “By the time of my middle school graduation, I’ll make friends with everyone in my class.” And if she can’t do it… they won’t be friends anymore?! But Bocchi has a hard time talking to people. When she gets nervous, her legs cramp. She can’t look other people in the eye. She doesn’t even know how to make friends! Every way she thinks of to make friends ends up failing. Will Bocchi’s friend-making plan pay off?! It’s a story of the persistence of the lonely girl, Bocchi!

Source : Comic Dengeki DaiohG issue 89.

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