Hikari Mitsushima Will Play About 30 Roles In Upcoming Anime Program

Mitsushima will also be performing the original songs sung by the characters in the program.

Hikari Mitsushima

Japanese actress, singer and model Hikari Mitsushima will be playing about 30 roles in the upcoming anime-adventure program I Love Me, including that of the 5-year-old main character Mi-Mi.

Producer Chihiro Fujie commented on Mitsushima’s role, shedding light on how she went about voicing the characters from the program.

“During the recording process, she created the characters one by one based on the character illustrations and scripts, sharing her opinions and exploring them with the production staff as if they were having a session. There was a lot of ad-libbing.,” Fujie said.

Mitsushima will also be performing the original songs sung by the characters in the program.

The producer hoped that the audiences would enjoy Mitsushima’s free and spontaneous role.

I Love Me will focus on the main character Mi-Mi, who will be asked a series of questions about the mind, body, and life, leading to a series of fantasies and thought experiments. The story is scripted by Takeji Takemura, making sure that both adults and children can enjoy the story equally.

The plot of the anime is related to the “#BeyondGender” project, which aims to create a society where people can live their lives as they are, without being bound by social and cultural gender differences such as “masculinity” and “femininity.

Talking about this theme, program supervisor Toshuyumi Shiomi highlighted how in Japan’s current society, it was important to educate people “knowing oneself” and “taking care of oneself”.

“In the coming age, as values become more diverse and globalization advances, it will be difficult to know what ‘certain things’ are that will guide us. This is why we need to know ourselves better and search for a way of life that does not drift away. We hope that this animation will help children, who will be responsible for the 21st century, to explore the true meaning of ‘taking care of oneself’,” Shiomi said.

The anime will be aired on NHK E-television for 10 minutes each on March 28-30, 2022.

Hikari Mitsushima began her music career in 1997 as a teenage ‘idol singer’ in the J-pop groups Folder and Folder 5. Her first television appearance came in 2005, when she played Elly in Ultraman Max. She has gone to star in several major motion pictures and television series and win multiple awards.

In 2017 she was the vocalist and dancer in Mondo Grosso’s video “Labyrinth” which has over 32 million views on YouTube, as of 2 Feb 2022.

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