Hayao Miyazaki Views Every Animator As His Rival, Goro Miyazaki Reveals


At the 77th Cannes International Film Festival, where Studio Ghibli was honored with an Honorary Palme d’Or, Director Goro Miyazaki provided fans with a glimpse into the mindset of his father Hayao Miyazaki.

Speaking to the press, prior to the award ceremony, Goro Miyazaki highlighted Hayao Miyazaki’s competitive spirit. According to him, Hayao Miyazaki, despite his advanced age and illustrious career, still regards every animator around him as a rival.

Even at his age, every animator around him is a rival. Whether they are younger, his supporting staff, within the company, or outside, if they have the title of animator, they are all rivals,” Goro explained.

He further elaborated on how this competitive nature influences Hayao Miyazaki’s approach to new projects.

After the release of his latest film, The Boy And The Heron, Hayao Miyazaki quickly began conceptualizing his next project.

However, Hayao Miyazaki remains extremely secretive about the specifics. “He doesn’t say anything. He absolutely won’t tell anyone,” Goro said. This cautiousness stemmed from Miyazaki’s perception of other animators as rivals.

That’s why he makes sure not to accidentally share his ideas with them. He won’t reveal anything until he is certain it’s ‘the one’,” he added.

In addition to discussing his father’s competitive spirit, Goro Miyazaki also addressed the future of Studio Ghibli, where he jokingly stated that it’ll be determined once Hayao Miyazaki and producer Toshio Suzuki are no longer around.

Studio Ghibli, established in 1985, flourished under the co-leadership of Hayao Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki. Their first collaboration came with the 1986 release of Castle in the Sky, based on Miyazaki’s manga. However, Spirited Away, released in 2001, stands as the pair’s most notable film, achieving international acclaim and popularity.

Other notable works of the pair include – Princess MononokeMy Neighbor TotoroPonyo etc.

Studio Ghibli became the first ever studio to be awarded with Cannes’ Honorary Palme d’Or, marking the first time the honor has been awarded to a group rather than an individual.

Source: Yahoo Japan

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