Artist Tsubaka Nanaki Reveals Struggles Of Drawing Manga While Raising A Child

The artist has been giving frequent updates about her difficult schedule.


Manga artist Tsubasa Nanaki, who is known for her art in the manga 31-banme no Okisaki-sama (The 31st Consort) and Rikoteki na Seijin Kouho: Toriaezu Isekai de Wagamama sasete Moraimasu, revealed in her recent tweet that it was hard to draw manga while raising a baby.

Nanaki revealed that it took her a tremendous amount of time to draw just 14 pages of the new chapter of The 31st Consort. The manga was on a hiatus since October 2021, owing to her childbirth. It resumed serialization in the March issue of B-LOG’s Comic with the 20th chapter.

“It’s late, but I’m resuming the serialization from this month’s issue,” Nanaki wrote in her tweet. “Although it is only the first part, I realized that it took a tremendous amount of time to draw 14 pages and it was very difficult to draw a manga while raising a baby.”

She however added that drawing manga after a long time was fun.

Nanaki gave birth to a baby boy in November after “long and dificult childbirth”. She mentioned that she would be taking a break till she got accustomed to the struggles of raising first child.

The artist has since then given frequent updates on the hardships of managing her schedule, as she had to adjust her work timings to match with the baby’s sleep.

In one of her tweets, Nanaki mentioned that she had difficult time drawing as her son did not sleep in the morning at all. In a later tweet however she gave an update saying her son had begun sleeping for 6-7 hours at night, forcing her to adjust her work timings accordingly.

“My son has been sleeping for 6 or 7 hours lately at night when he is 3 months old, so I was able to concentrate on work and drawing from around 9 pm when I finished sleeping 🙌✨ . It’s tough to work alone 😂 , but I’m just happy that I’ve been able to have time to work reliably even at night,” she wrote.

During the same time, Nanaki was also suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome resulting in the numbness of fingers and preventing her from being able to draw properly. According to her this was common in ladies after childbirth and in those who were breastfeeding.

She had resorted to Chinese herbs in order to treat the syndrome. However, it apparently got worse for a while, before she was able to work once again.

Nanaki recently resumed working on the new chapter of The 31st Consort.

31-banme no Okisaki-sama (The 31st Consort) is a manga series written by Momo Tomoe and illustrated by Nanaki Tsubasa. It is serialized in Kadokawa’s B’s-LOG Comic. Kadokawa publishes an English simulpub of the series.

MAL describes the plot of the manga as follows;

Feria, the sister of a feudal lord, is chosen as the 31st consort to the king. With a system where the sovereign meets the consorts on their respective day of the month, Feria is not called upon too often. In this sidelined position, Feria is barely provided the basic necessities, and she takes it upon herself to manage the household. Rolling up her sleeves and getting her clothes dirty are all part of a hard day’s work for the earnest consort.

After a long wait, King Macron and Consort Feria finally meet. Unlike the other consorts, who force themselves upon him and act haughty, Feria is a breath of fresh air. Feelings spark between them; to be together, they will have to overcome age-old customs and greedy nobles, but what awaits them is true love.

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