Haikyuu!! To The Top Episode 21 Review: Hero


The third set of Karasuno vs Inarizaki in Haikyuu!! To The Top is firing up eh? Continuing from the previous episode, Episode 21 showcases the ultimate wall of Karasuno set up, did they manage to stop the foxes? Let’s see.

The episode starts off with the best setup of the tallest crows- Tsukishima and Kageyama in front as blockers while Suna Rintaro is here to smash his best cross spikes.It looked like they had the set in their hand but soon the tables turned.

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Rintaro was actually intimidated by Kageyama’s block earlier but missed the intentional manipulation done by Tsukki, which he realizes later on. With the first two sets as a reference, Karasuno was slowly closing in on the foxes with coach Ukais “one-to-six” method. Even Kuroo and Kenma acknowledged his take huh? Nice.

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The momentum that was building for Kinoshita to finally score and complete the Karasuno circle of talented players has come and gone. Even if it was almost a perfect moment for Kinoshita, the upperhand that he didn’t have was experience.  And that’s the twist which we never wanted to get exposed, yet at the end it did. His chance for being the hero was taken away. 

But did you know even Nishinoya can also get scared? Even I didn’t know he was this scared of Miya Atsumu’s serves. Yet finally he overcame it with Kinoshita as the helpful friend in need, and saved the day. At last Kinoshita, you showed your worth. Yosshaa!!

With the beautiful taiko beats in the background,as we approach the heart of the episode, the wind has already changed again. 

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Till now what we were missing about the Miya twins has finally arrived. Their volleyball moment backstory! 

Before I go in any further details, i just wanna say…THE TWINS ARE SO CUTE!

Excuse my fangirling. Let’s continue.

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They are the two queer odd balls with immense love for volleyball. The way Miya  Atsumu got hooked to being a “setter” at such a young age showed, that it was inevitable of him to turn out a prodigy. But at some point, the perfectionist Atsumu’s complaints gave off “king of the court” Kageyama vibes for real. I guess arrogance and indifference is just a part of our Haikyuu geniuses eh?

On the other hand Miya Osamu was witty and very much aware of his surroundings, maybe for the sake of his blunt head brother? Still, with his brother excelling at such heights, the passion he had for the sport never seem to overwhelm him at all. He is the best he could be as his challenge is always his lifelong rival, Atsumu.

We get to witness the best of the Miya brothers in this episode. The power of blood in sports. Simply, unbeatable.

In its entirety, episode 21 was worthy of its title- Hero. We get to witness the best of the characters in the shadows like Tsukishima, Kinoshita and Osamu who pave the road for our stars of the show. A great watch with lots of backstories and emotional moments. It might be the best episode so far.

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