Gundam Reconguista In G’s Final 2 Compilation Films To Premiere This Summer

The first film is coming on July 22, 2022, while the second will open on Aug 5.

Gundam Reconguista

Gundam Reconguista in G announced on Wednesday, March 23, 2022, that the anime franchise will release the 4th and 5th films of its five-part compilation film project this year.

The first film “Gekitou ni Sakebu Ai / Shouting Love Into a Fierce Fight” is coming on July 22, 2022, while the second “Shisen wo Koete / Crossing the Line Between Life and Death” will open on Aug 5.

Sunrise also revealed a new trailer video and a new key visual for the two upcoming films.

gundam in G

Previously in August 2021, Sunrise producer Hisakazu Naka revealed that “at least half” of the upcoming fourth film will contain new plot material. He also encouraged fans to expect a “different feeling” than the original television anime.

Based on the 26-episode TV anime that aired from October 2014 to March 2015 as part of the Gundam franchise’s 35th-anniversary project, the first film “Ike! Core Fighter! / Go! Core Fighter” was released in November 2019, followed by the second film “Bellri Singeki / Bellri’s Fierce Charge” in February 2020 and the third film “Uchu kara no Isan / The Legacy of Space” in July 2021.

Gundam is a Japanese mix-media franchise that focuses on mecha robots, created by Sunrise and Yoshiyuki Tomino. The franchise officially premiered on April 7, 1979, with the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. In addition to the popular anime series and spin-offs, the franchise also has manga, novels, video games, and toys.

Source:  “Gundam Reconguista in G” official website

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