Granolah’s Arc Going Out Of Character In DBS?

Granolah's sudden reluctance to kill and disposing off his desire for revenge may seem odd but it's definitely not out of his character. That doesn't mean he'll spare Elec.


The conclusion of the Granolah arc is finally here with the titular character Granolah unleashing his finishing move (the same move his father Flake used to destroy planet Cereal’s moon) to knock Gas off his feet.

Even though it was Frieza who finally sent the Heeter to the afterlife, Granolah did what he had to do, finally ending his character arc “Being obsessed with revenge is a curse”.

Granolah fans jumped for joy as the Cerealian finally appeared after missing from action for 6 months. And he comes back in style, finishing off with his signature move and catching Goku and Vegeta.

While this ending to Granolah’s character was positively received by many, there’s something that uneased fans regarding his sudden decision to not seek revenge against anyone anymore, even Elec.

In Chapter 86, He pulled a Goku by saying “Take Gas and leave this planet” to Oil & Macki, who then rushed to check up on their fallen brother.

Granolah didn’t even bother to jump into the action. He didn’t even budge when Frieza showed up. So what’s the deal with the Cerealian?

Why doesn’t Granolah seek revenge against the Heeters anymore?

Not having a grudge against the Saiyans makes sense. But Elec?? The dude literally killed his mom. Frieza instructed the Saiyans to wipe out his entire race. These savages should have died by Granolah’s hands. It doesn’t make any sense!

Well, one must understand that the act of taking someone’s life is not always motivated by vengeance or hatred. It can be triggered by a sense of obligation. I’ll elaborate further in the next heading.

Granolah has realized how much the idea of revenge poisoned his mind. It literally drove him to almost forgo his favorable relationships with his foster father Monaito, his trust-worthy sidekick robot Oatmeel & the Sugarians.

Without them, he’ll lose all sense of meaning in life and almost committed suicide. All sorts of misfortune followed the minute he knew that Frieza and a few Saiyans were still alive.

Let us examine the attachments he clings to in order to keep afloat, as well as what he did when lost in that spiteful attitude:

The Cerealians:

Of course, Granolah’s prime reason for killing Frieza and the Saiyans is to avenge his fallen brethren. His main goal in life is to one day see the Cerealians alive again.

He wanted to use the Dragon Balls to return how things were 40 years ago before the Saiyan invasion.

This is a stark contrast between Granolah and Vegeta in the early days.

Vegeta didn’t care as much about the annihilation of his race and wanted immortality to rule. Granolah too had a selfish wish, but for a different reason.

Granolah has lost his main source of solace now that the Cerealians are wiped out for good.


Being a Dragon Clan Namekian, Monaito showed compassion and mercy towards the Cerealian for the most part.

The old Namekian trusted Granolah enough to tell him about the Dragon Balls on Planet Cereal and even revealed how to summon the Dragon.

Granolah betrayed that trust by stealing the Dragon Balls and using them for a selfish reason. He summoned the Dragon without his consent, even though Monaito warned him not to go about with his wish.

Granolah failed to listen even after Monaito chastised him for making such a wish and warned him that wielding such power would attract a slew of enemies, endangering him and the Namekian.

Hence, Granolah left Monaito in the dust when he gained that power, even after all the care the latter had given him for 40 odd years. Poor Granolah cried out in disbelief when his foster father started rendering the emotional “Thank you for being there for me” monologue.

Monaito would have died if it wasn’t for Whis. So because of his change while being in the association of Goku, Monaito and Bardock (through hearing), his good Karma started acting up, which made Whis to heal Monaito. Now you see how this change immediately affected his life positively.


We don’t know much about Oatmeel as a character yet, but from what I’ve seen, he, too, is concerned about Granolah’s well-being.

He knew all about the Cerealians and their right eyes and how Granolah’s eye was a cut above the rest. This means he knew Cerealian biology all too well. And he knew the others when they were alive.

Oatmeel was questioning Granolah’s methods and warning him every step of the way in his quest for vengeance. In fact, the AI questioned whether Granolah’s plan for revenge was even justified.

After stealing the Dragon Balls, he asked Granolah why he was ignoring the old man’s warning. But the Cerealian just brushed it aside.

Oatmeel was concerned with the amount of power Granolah now holds in his hands. And the fact that he had to reduce his life span made it even worse for Oatmeel and Monaito to accept such a wish.

He clearly called out the fact that Goku and Vegeta aren’t like the barbaric Saiyans Granolah described. They clearly don’t seem to work for Frieza, nor were they evil.

Oatmeel reminded him again and again that the two Saiyans aren’t aware that a massacre took place on this planet.

Granolah’s uncontrollable rage got the best of him, and he threw away his eyepiece (along with Oatmeel), declaring that he no longer needed his assistance. As a result, he cut ties with Oatmeel at that time.

But the AI was concerned for his misguided friend. So he called for the ship and went to fetch Monaito.

Later on, Oatmeel was there to aid Granolah in rendering Gas out cold.

The Sugarians:

The fish-like creatures viewed the Cerealians as a friendly and peaceful race.

Granolah had a friendly relationship with the Sugarians, so much so that they wanted him and Monaito to move in with them within the boundaries of their city.

The Sugarians were confident that Granolah wouldn’t cause any harm to them and rather would protect them and the Planet from any danger.

This changed when Granolah and Vegeta took their fight into one of the cities (which had to be evacuated because the Sugarians were terrified of the explosions and tremors and fled their homes).

The Sugarians had no idea what caused these disturbances until this happened.

Granolah claims that if he uses his rapid-fire Ki blasts on Vegeta, the city will be unharmed. However, the city did sustain some damage. Buildings began to shake and crack.

In the background behind a one-way glass window, a Sugarian mother and her child saw Granolah mercilessly shooting at the Prince.

Shocked by what they saw, the two were terrified of Granolah and saw him in a completely different light, one that was far from heroic.

Granolah won't be seen as a protector and a peaceful guy anymore
The Sugarians may not see Granolah eye-to-eye anymore
Source: Viz

If word goes out that it was Granolah who endangered the Planet with all those explosions and tremors, the Sugarians may no longer regard him as a peaceful individual. Hence, they’d lose their trust in him.

Granolah realizes he became what he despised the most after seeing the Sugarian mother and her child in parallel with his own mother and himself in the flashback.

Granolah gave up everything mentioned above for the following singular purpose in life.

Vengeance against the Saiyans, Heeters and Frieza:

Avenging his fellow Cerealians was the heart and soul of Granolah’s life. Without it, he’d be an empty shell.

If that is put into question, he’d lose all sense of meaning in life. And that’s exactly what Vegeta intended to strike.

Vegeta questions Granolah's quest for revenge
Chapter 76 | Source: Viz

During the battle, Granolah may have thought about all of the things he needed to sacrifice to get his selfish desire fulfilled. He turned a blind eye to Monaito and Oatmeel’s warning and ditched them.

Vegeta raised many doubts in Granolah’s mind about the legitimacy of his actions. He argued that revenge ain’t the way of the Cerealians because they were a peaceful race.

Granolah’s mind had gone for a toss. All that hatred took out the remaining sense of sanity and compassion he once held.

Seeing the frightened Sugarians was the last straw. He saw what he had become and from his P.O.V, there was no turning back.

What is the use of living if I sole reason for living is questionable?

I could have lived a peaceful life with Monaito, Oatmeel and the Sugarians.

Yet I gave all that up for this nonsensical goal which doesn’t make any difference for the dead. I could have moved on, but no. I could have listened to my friends, but no.

What do I have left? There’s nothing worth living anymore. At least let me use my excuse for revenge to save the Sugarians, Monaito and Oatmeel from the disgrace that I am by killing the Saiyan in front of me. I need my peace. AAAAHHHH!

Perhaps this is what Granolah is thinking on the inside. His mind is shattered. His desire for vengeance drove him insane, and he now feels compelled to pay the price.

Therefore, he decided to kill Vegeta along with himself. Deep inside, he couldn’t take it anymore. His inner subconscious wanted to stop, but he was drowned in anger that he couldn’t control himself.

Physically and mentally exhausted. He just wanted to get this over with and be at peace.

DBS Chapter 76: Granolah is physically and mentally broken
Granolah is desperate to scratch his itch no matter what | Source: Viz

Being blinded with vengeance nearly drove him to suicide or death at the hands of Elec. Granolah would be nothing more than a name carved in memory if it weren’t for Monaito’s compassionate disposition and affection for him. But sadly, he’s gonna lose his life 3 years from now eventually.

Monaito warned him multiple times of the consequences of his actions.

Monaito warns Granolah many a time
Monaito’s warning to Granolah | Source: Viz

A foster father will definitely be concerned about his adopted son throwing his lifespan away.

Both Monaito and Bardock almost died trying to protect Granolah and this whiny bitch comes and tosses all of it out of the window for some crazy suicide mission? An apology was the least he could do, if not bow at their feet.

Okay. But why Bardock? Why was it he the one to change Granolah of all people?

For 40 years, Granolah referred to the Saiyans as barbaric murderers who slaughtered his people. But this is the first time he’s hearing the truth from his own adoptive father.

A Saiyan trying to protect his and his mother’s lives from the same barbarians? Granolah screaming “A Saiyan!!” in chapter 77 indirectly caused his mom’s demise??

This is all build-up for Granolah to resonate with Bardock. The “Aaaah!” moment came when Bardock’s drive to defeat Gas wasn’t anything to do with revenge or guilt.

Granolah was able to hear the entire recording of Bardock’s scouter through his dreams in his sleep. This sort of phenomenon is backed up by scientific pieces of evidence in real life through experiments. So it’s not some mumbo-jumbo.

Bardock’s will was the final push Granolah needed to reconsider his life goal. Associating with Goku, Vegeta & Monaito slowly affected his subconscious, thereby setting up his path to change.

Goku is a pure-hearted liberated soul. The mere association with such a person will result in shedding off one’s corrupted thought process, misgivings and sinful mindset, making that person merciful, tolerant and compassionate.

A perfect example is his influence on Vegeta & Android 17. Both initially had selfish wishes (immortality & a crush ship) to be granted by the Dragon but eventually changed to adapt detachment and selflessness (wishing the Earth & 12 Universes back).

Vegeta’s words to Granolah were filled with personal experience and wisdom. The parallels between them make them so much more meaningful.

Monaito is a member of a race that is naturally wise and compassionate. Their thoughts are so exalted that petty grudges no longer bother them. Moori’s statements to Vegeta illustrate this.

Namekians don't hold grudges and hatred onto others, says Moori
Chapter 47 | Source: Viz

And this worldview pervades all Namekians, even those who have left their home planets. That could rub off on others, such as Vegeta and Granolah.

All of the above-mentioned things combined had a change on Granolah. He can set aside his rage and desire what Monaito told him – be happy with friends and family around you & enjoy the lot they’ve been handed in life.

Now having said that, why wasn’t Granolah not interested in killing anyone at all? Not even Elec?

Why didn’t Granolah kill Elec?

Performing an action out of interest and duty are two distinct things. Granolah wasn’t as eager to murder Elec as he once was.

As much I’d like to see a conversation between Granolah, Elec and Frieza, the Cerealian realized that being with his a loved one (whom he almost abandoned for a selfish reason) at his dying moment was more important than running towards someone and spoiling everything.

If Granolah really zoomed towards Frieza yelling “How dare you kill Elec and Gas! That was my only chance for revenge!”:

  1. He would have easily died in the hands of Frieza, making Monaito’s 40 years of care completely pointless
  2. The Twist of Frieza’s appearance and his new form wouldn’t have been that impactful
  3. His character arc would have been pointless and no change would have occurred in his heart

Granolah even spent a large portion of his life span while drawing out that final Ki blast to knock Gas off his feet. This means he has lesser than 3 years left to live. What’s the point if he continues to seek revenge

Remember the time when some of us got so annoyed with Granolah constantly misjudging the Saiyans?

His arc would only complete if he doesn’t look for revenge anymore at all and not dying at Frieza’s hands, hence making it truly the “Granolah the Survivor arc”

So what do you think of Granolah’s change of character? Does it make sense or feels rushed? Let us know in the comments below!

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