Goku Copied His Ultra Instinct From This Guy & It Is Not Whis!!

Dragon Ball fandom went crazy when Goku achieved the Ultra Instinct form in his fight against Jiren. A lot of fans(especially the ones who haven’t been following the manga) believe that Goku achieved the Ultra Instinct form on his own. However, this isn’t true. You wouldn’t believe that Goku isn’t the first mortal who was close to or achieved the Ultra Instinct, and it is from this person that he copied the techniques to achieve the Ultra Instinct mode.

Yes, you read that right. Before Goku, another Z fighter has achieved the Legendary Technique of Gods or at least the essence of it.

Whom did Goku copy the Ultra Instinct technique from ?

Ever since its inception Dragon Ball has made Goku a pure-hearted hero who always saves the day. But even Goku had to train himself and toil harder to reach where he is right now. As per manga chapter 58 of Dragon Ball Super Goku has finally achieved mastery over the Ultra Instinct technique, also known as the technique of Gods and has entered the fight against Evil Moro. Though in the chapter Goku hasn’t accessed its mastered form yet he is using his Ultra Instinct Sign form as of now. Whether he’ll go a step further is yet to be seen. 

But then, Goku was able to access the Ultra Instinct mode because he copied it from someone else, and no it was not Whis.

In manga chapter 39, the old pervert Master Roshi was redeemed by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou. Roshi while fighting with universe 11’s Pride Troopers held on his own and none of the Pride Troopers other than Jiren was able to even touch him. Even during his fight with Jiren Roshi held on his own and fought with his own unique version of Ultra Instinct which left all the Gods and Angels present during the tournament in awe.

Goku watches as Ultra Instinct Roshi dodgesJiren's attack
Master Roshi doging Jiren with ease. Source: Dragon Ball Super, Chapter 39.

Beerus and Whis were especially left awestruck when Roshi showed them his Ultra Instinct. Beerus commended Roshi for being able to take down so many enemies alone and holding his own against Jiren. Whis went a step ahead and appreciated Roshi by saying with age Roshi has achieved unparalleled wisdom when it comes to martial arts and praised the old master to be one of the best martial artists he has seen. 

Whis even appreciated Roshi for understanding the last stage of martial arts, in which the body needs to move on its own for defense and attack simultaneously, without thinking, which is precisely the same concept behind Ultra Instinct mode. To be able to achieve that level of understanding of martial Arts is something very rare to see and this technique was the basis of Ultra Instinct which Goku went on to achieve during his fight with Jiren.

Master Roshi Ultra Instinct
Whis praising master Roshi for his ultra instinct. Source: Drabon Ball Super: Chaper 39

Yes, in manga Roshi was the one who gave Goku the idea of Ultra Instinct.

Goku watched Roshi pull it off when the latter was fighting with the Pride Troopers and Jiren. Goku then simply copied this technique and took it a step further.

This won’t be the first time though that Goku has copied Roshi’s or any other Z fighters moves. Time and again it has been displayed that Saiyans are excellent fighters and learners when it comes to fighting.

Remember during Dragon Ball after watching Roshi do the Kamehameha wave once, Goku was instantly able to replicate the technique in the very first attempt. Similarly, Goku has copied techniques from Krillin and Tien, such as Krillin’s Destructo Disc, Solar Flare and Tiens After Image technique. Even Gohan showed such ki based attack copying skills when he did Masenko which was an attack similar to Piccolo’s own attack.

In GT, Pan was able to do Masenko without Gohan or Piccolo teaching her.

The only limitations to Saiyans copying abilities are that they can’t do any physical changes to their own body like Arm Extension of Piccolo and Arm Splitting of Tien. 

Similarly, when Goku saw Roshi stand on his own against Jiren with this newfound technique Goku simply copied that technique and took it to new heights. As Ultra Instinct was meant to be a technique to be learned by Gods and Goku being able to channel God Ki in his body, Goku was able to achieve Ultra Instinct in its true form. Even though he couldn’t do it at will then. But as we said earlier that in the recent manga chapter after his training with Angel Meru, Goku was able to access it at will. It is only a matter of time when Goku can access the Mastered Form at will too.

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  1. that jsut bull shit roshi should nto ben dogue jrien evne hodling abck jrien speed dont drop to jrien should have ben abel to dorp him and roshi dotn trian so he should ben now er he nar anty if u11 manga made jrien look liek a joke

    • You do realize he just dodged a few punches for 3-4 seconds? As soon as few of them merely scrapped him, he started coughing blood. Jiren was holding back because once he realized Roshi was Goku’s master, he respected him (Gicchin’s respect) and just gave a chop to knock him out of bounds


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