Goblin Slayer Creator Releases Hololive Virtual YouTuber Fantasy Manga

The manga will be translated into English and Indonesian languages on the Holonometria world archive website.

The official Twitter account for Square Enix’s Big Gangan magazine announced on May 6, 2022, that manga artist Kōsuke Kurose (Goblin Slayer) will adapt the virtual YouTuber agency hololive’s, hololive Alternative project, into a manga.

Hololive manga titled, Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Kasо̄ Kaiitan (Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Phantasia), will start serializing on May 7 on Manga Up! website.

Hololive Manga

The manga will be translated into English and Indonesian languages on the Holonometria world archive website simultaneously with the Japanese release.

“Chapter 0” of the manga was released in June 2021. The manga’s story follows the VTubers of hololive in an alternate world fantasy setting.

According to Producer U of Hololive Alternative website, Holoearth is both the name of the metaverse project and the name of the fictional world of Hololive Alternative. As such, Holoearth will use “a variety of media” to bring that world to life. People will be able to experience the world alongside Hololive’s performers.

Hololive Production is a virtual YouTuber agency owned by Japanese tech entertainment company Cover Corporation. In addition to acting as a multi-channel network, Hololive Production also handles merchandising especially in music production and concert organization.

As of April 2022, the agency manages 68 VTubers between four regional branches totaling over 43 million subscribers, including several of the most subscribed VTubers on YouTube.

The name “Hololive” was initially used for Cover’s 3D stream distribution app, launched in December 2017, and later its female VTuber agency, whose first generation debuted from May to June 2018. In December 2019, Hololive was merged with Cover’s male Holostars agency and INoNaKa music label under the unified “Hololive Production” brand.

Source: Big Gangan’s Twitter account, Hololive Alt Twitter

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