Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 7: Akito Is Here To Cause Trouble

Thanks to Shigure Sohma, Akito made an appearance at the Sohma’s vacation home in Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 7 stirring up unease and displeasure among the kids. The bleak and uneasy family dynamics that exist between Akito and the cursed Zodiacs was there for everyone to see in the latest episode and the situation is not at all encouraging for our protagonists.

On the other hand, Tohru’s ships with Kyo and Yuki are progressing smoothly, making it hard for viewers to guess which one to jump on.

The highlight of Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 7 undoubtedly has to be the very emotional moment that Yuki and Tohru share at the end, showing that he has greatly matured as a character since we saw him in Season 1.

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 7 Review:

Hiro Sohma’s blunt question regarding Tohru’s mom from the previous episode of Fruits Basket still seems to have had a deep impact on her. Being the caring and kind person she is, Tohru wonders if her frequent mentions about her mother made the Sohmas feel insecure and envious. Afflicted by the curse of the Zodiac, the Sohmas are more or less estranged from their families, save Hiro, whose mother seems to be best among the lot. 

The likes of Kyo, Yuki and Momiji, however, are not so lucky when it comes to family relationships. This makes Tohru feel all guilty for being too chatty about her mom. In the end she restrains herself from mentioning her mother in their conversations (thus leading to the hilarious gumshoe talk during the watermelon splitting scene). However, Kyo is easily able to look past Tohru’s facade and clears the misunderstandings in wonderful heart to heart interaction later.

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Kyo and Tohru’s relationship blossoming is one of the major highlights of Fruits Basket Season 2 so far. While we won’t say that it has reached the point of romance for them (Tohru at least), the way they can open up to each other without any restrictions shows how much the pair have grown closer. The same can be said about Yuki too, who genuinely cares for Tohru. However, Yuki still is not able to see through the barrier that she has put up in front of the others.

This boils down to the fact that Yuki, even now, is trying to tame the demons from his past. He needs to get over his mental trauma from all the years of abuse in his childhood, before he can start focusing fully on the others. It would be a cruel understatement to say Yuki has mental issues. The depth of the scars Akito gave him go far deeper than what we can imagine.

However, towards the end of the episode, we see that Yuki has managed to overcome the fear (atleast in some part). He overcomes Akito’s taunts of being useless and left alone in a dark world and starts believing in himself and the people around him. That’s tremendous character development right there for Yuki. The build-up to the emotional scene between Yuki and Tohru has been happening since the last episode.

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Tohru cherishing his worn out hat and an old memory of the boy who saved her, acts like a shining ray of light which eventually guides Yuki out of his darkness. In the end, with an amazing backdrop of shooting stars and a beautiful insert music, Yuki is able to convey some part of his feelings to Tohru. More than love, it is that of gratitude, for Tohru having stood by his side. Though Yuki does not realize it now, we feel that his feelings for Tohru are different from those of Kyo. That said, Tohrubowl is going to get much better as we move forward!

Yuki’s voice cracking at the end proves that he still has a lot more to overcome, but he has the courage and a reason to do so now.

Akito’s arrival in Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 7 turns the light-hearted tone of the beach arc on its head. After watching him derive pleasure by harassing others, we think it’s safe to say that he is a borderline sadist who has some serious issues. However, with Akito’s intentions and motivations being kept from us, he feels like a hollow drama villain whose actions have no deeper meaning than inflicting pain on the protagonists. We’d very much like to see what triggered Akito to be such an attention craving harasser. The way he interacts with Hatori, Kureno and Shigure is kinda weird too.


Thinking about Kureno, it does not seem that he is a cursed Sohma (as we have been introduced to the 13 people with the curse already). So why is Akito, who is only seen mingling with the zodiacs, still keeping him close. What kind of relationship do they share? Even more intriguing is the plot that Shigure Sohma seems to be cooking up. While Shigure claims that he is doing things for his own selfish reasons, one can’t help but think that it might benefit the Sohma family in the long run.

Well, all will be clear when more details are divulged in the upcoming episodes of Fruits Basket Season 2. What are your thoughts on the latest episode of the series. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Or you can start discussing the topic in the forums section of our website!