Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 6: The Beach Episode Is Here!

Finally we get a much needed beach episode in Fruits Basket Season 2. However unlike other anime, whose beach episodes involve a lot of skin show, exploring romantic angles and mindless fun, Fruits basket Season 2 Episode 6 focuses on deep character development, which is quite commendable. 

The episode also featured Rin and Akito, taking the intrigue quotient in it up by a notch. And the common factor in both these scenes is Shigure Sohma. The way he has been portrayed, it has become kind of hard to gauge whether Shigure is a good guy or a twisted person with ulterior motives. 

The episode also revealed that Tohru’s saviour in her childhood who gave her the hat was Yuki Sohma (though many saw this coming!) Overall, the episode was very enjoyable and had more things going on in it than the previous one.

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 6 Review!

Fruits Basket has finally begun adapting the beach arc, and it already has us hooked from the very beginning. Momiji, who has been the driving force in the previous episodes of season 2, is again the main instigator here as he comes up with the plan to spend the summer with everyone at the Sohma vacation home.

While Tohru, Kyo and Yuki head to the vacation home with Momiji, Hiro, Hatsuharu & Kisa, Shigure decides to stay back as he has some unfinished business. We then see that this unfinished business has something to do with Rin. Rin has come across as a mysterious character so far, whose motives have not yet been revealed to the viewers. That’s one reason why her behaviour towards Shigure Sohma is bound to raise more questions about her character in the minds of the user. 

Rin requesting Shigure's help in Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 6
What was Rin trying to do here seriously? So suggestive!

She definitely is looking for help from Shigure, but how far is she ready to go( or stoop) in order to achieve her goals. Shigure’s character too comes under the scanner here, considering what he was implying to Rin. He is seen as an older brother by most of the Zodiac kids. Would he really ask for indecent favours from them? Is Shigure really that twisted of a man? Or is it just the Fruits Basket creators toying with our minds? We’d definitely want to settle for the latter here, as we feel that there is some sort of a master plan in Shigure’s mind.

Tohru, Momiji & Kisa in Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 6
Everyone enjoying the beach during the summer break

At the beach everyone seems to be having fun (you should not miss the part where Tohru swims, period), until Hiro pitches in with his blunt question, asking Tohru why she only carries a picture of her mother around with her and not her father. Hiro has noticed beforehand how Tohru had panicked when she lost her mother’s photo. Tohru also takes extra efforts in order to involve her mother (photo/memories) in her life, but seems to avoid her father totally. Given how little we know about her father, the question seems to be spot on. This part of her backstory involving her father should certainly be explored in the coming episodes.

We know from the previous episodes that Tohru often puts up a happy face forcefully like an armour so that people don’t really know the pain or suffering she is going through. Hiro’s question seems to have hit a vulnerable spot in this armor of hers. She is seen consoling herself alone at night saying things will be alright. It’s quite unsettling to see her so broken. Tohru has some serious issues deep down, which she refuses to share with others, and we need to know more about her past in order to figure what exactly she is going through. 

Tohru seems very broken after Hiro’s question!

Kisa too was angered by Hiro’s question and by how he could be totally ignorant about the harsh things that a person could have gone through in their life or the feelings that they hold in their minds. The argument between these small kids highlights an important side of our lives where we choose to remain oblivious to the pain that others might be going through. It is indeed very impressive to see a young Kisa behave in such a mature and considerate way. 

Kisa on the verge of tears!

Though Tohru tries to act all happy the next day, managing to fool Momiji, Yuki, Hiro and others, Kyo is easily able to see through her. That right there my friends, is true love, and this earns him some brownie points in Tohrubowl. However, Yuki seems to be the Tohrubowl winner for the viewers in Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 6, as it is confirmed that it is his hat  Tohru has been holding on to for all these years. 

Yuki was brooding over his troubled past the entire time in this episode. Seeing Tohru hold on to his hat (Tohru still doesn’t know its Yuki’s hat) acts like a ray of hope and light in Yuki’s dark and depressing life. Though he is still traumatized by the things that Akito did to him in his childhood, Yuki now believes that his life is not all pitch-black and hopeless as Akito told him. He is determined to open the lid (Akito’s dominance and harassment) that has kept him from enjoying his life.

As we get to know Akito more, the more he seems like a selfish brat in some sort of huge misery. He definitely is not enjoying his life himself nor can he stand others doing so. While he seems like the major antagonist, knowing how Fruits Basket has handled their characters very in the past, we are pretty sure that Akito too will turn out to be a very broken character, who has his own reasons for wanting so much attention from the cursed Zodiac. Is it a part of the curse itself. We don’t know. But it is another thing that Fruits Basket anime is exploring beautifully, leaving viewers asking for more.

Shigure and Akito Sohma in Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 6
Shigure-san tell us what you are planning already!

Shigure is keeping his cards pretty close to the chest as we still aren’t able to get a good read on his intentions. That said he surely has a big plan up those dangling sleeves of his kimono. As the episode ends, he seems to have convinced Akito to come to the vacation house under the guise of punishing Tohru, Kyo and company. However, what actually transpires would be something totally different in our opinion. This new development has certainly made us sit upright and wonder what’s going to happen in the coming episodes of the Beach arc, which has already begun on a very interesting note.

Till the next episode drops, we are going to rack our brains and find out if Shigure is really a good dog or a bad dog (pun intended, not insult)!