Frieza Cosplayer Almost Gets Lynched After Mob Mistook Him For ‘The Devil’

A bizarre incident unfolded in the province of Huancayo, Peru, in June 2023, when residents mistook a TikTok user cosplaying as the infamous “Frieza,” a major antagonist from Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise, for the devil or a wandering soul. The young man’s late-night live-streaming near a cemetery caused panic and almost led to a dangerous confrontation.

The peculiar situation occurred in the neighbourhood of Mariscal Castilla, Sapallanga district, where the local association reported a sighting of what they believed to be a supernatural being lurking near the cemetery.

However, upon further investigation, it was revealed that the supposed paranormal encounter was, in fact, a young man dressed as Frieza. His costume, complete with horns and a tail, struck fear into the hearts of several inhabitants of Castilla, who were unfamiliar with the character and believed they were facing a supernatural threat.

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The community gathered and armed themselves with whatever they could find at the moment. Upon confronting the individual, they intimidated him and confiscated both his costume and some of his belongings.

The young man nearly faced a lynching before managing to explain his harmless intentions to the residents. They eventually put their weapons down, averting a potential disaster and preventing him from becoming a local legend – the night they “beat up the devil” at the cemetery.

Turns out the young man, who introduced himself as “Emperor Frieza,” has a habit of live-streaming late at night and in supposedly frightening areas. In this case it was in a cemetery in the city of Huancayo at around 1:00 am.

“How can he be walking around [dressed like that] at one in the early morning?!, scaring everyone,” said one of the residents.

Naturally, this entire incident was live-streamed on TikTok, and did not escape the attention of the local media, who seized the opportunity to capture statements from Emperor Frieza.

“First and foremost, I want to send a big shoutout to the people of Sapallanga, who did not harm me and were very kind, returning my things,” said the TikToker in a statement to the media. “They mistook me for a specter, which they consider as a ‘condemned soul.’ This is how it was reported on social media, and that’s why I was there. They got scared and intervened when they saw me coming down the hill.”

A police officer on the scene explained, “We received a call from the neighbors reporting that a person was performing some sort of witchcraft or similar activities. The neighbours, somewhat distrustful, saw this person dressed as the character with horns, and they claimed he was dressed as the Devil”.

In light of the misunderstanding, a resident issued a warning to others contemplating similar pranks, stating, “So, anyone thinking of doing something similar, other pranksters who come to make their TikTok videos, beware, because this time we’ll act harshly”.

Checkout the video below:

Source: RPP, Infobae