French Anime Fans Defame President Macron On Twitter

Fans compare President Macron to a member of the antagonist group "World Nobles" in One piece


France is one of the biggest cultural importers of Japanese pop culture, with the county being one of the biggest markets for manga and anime in the west. On the same note, a particular tweet reveals French President Emmanuel Macron has a secret love for One Piece which comes out when he received a special signed illustration from One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda on July 23rd.

However, this happy event takes a dark turn as the comment section brims with scornful comments from the French One Piece fans. Some of the comments are directed straight at his political position comparing him to be a part of the antagonist group “World Nobles” who appear in Oda’s best seller.

It is good to know that Mr. Macron was heavily invested to grow the intercultural exchange among youths after his election. Thanks to him, and the French Government that young adults aged 18 were able to get a “Cultural Pass” in May this year to complete their manga collections.

Even so, the defaming of the President crossed so much so that people started doubting the genuineness of the artwork itself. Their distrust for the government broke the limit of rationality as they called their Ministry of Culture a “fraud”.

Well, it may look like to some as propaganda to encourage the young mass to support the country’s future, nevertheless, this gesture of boundless irrational hatred and accusation may also backfire at their cultural endeavors the same youth in the future.

Source: Otakomu

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