Fans Concerned After One Piece Creator Reveals His Insane Schedule

Oda felt sad when he realized he couldn't enjoy having dinner like everyone

In a recent TV interview on Dec 21, 2021, One Piece creator, Eiichiro Oda, opened up about his insane schedule with no time to bathe, shave, or enjoy dinner while drawing manga. This has gotten his fans worried on the internet.

One of the hosts of the program, Mimura, who is also a huge fan of One Piece, was impressed with Oda’s statement and said, “He (Oda) is working without food, without sleep? Is this normal? I can’t remember a scene where Luffy, the main character can go on battling without him eating!”

Fans on the internet showed concerns for the author about his health issues and wished him to enjoy his life more.

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The hosts of the program, Paper and Sama-zu, asked Oda about what changes he does when he travels from home to work for which Oda replied he prefers to be well dressed in front of his family rather than at work which surprised the fans.

“I stay dirty because I don’t take a bath during work, but when I meet my family, I shave my beard and take a bath. My workplace is dirty but I keep my home clean,” said Oda.

Furthermore, Oda mentioned that he felt sad when he realized he is unable to enjoy dinner at restaurants like others. Nevertheless, he pushes himself without food or sleep thinking about going to a luxurious dinner invitation or a barbecue after his work ends.

“About 10 years after the serialization, I noticed that there are many restaurants outside. When I realized everyone is eating out on weekends and holidays I felt sad.

Even so, I can push myself working without eating or sleeping for days thinking about rewarding myself when the work ends to an invitation to a luxurious dinner or barbecue schedule.,” said the author.

Eiichiro Oda was interviewed for the program “Paper and Sama-zu” as a “paper guest” where his answers for a questionnaire were pre-recorded and the hosts Kazuki Otake and Masakazu Mimura reacted to the answers and discussed among themselves.

The 101st volume of One Piece was released in Japan on Friday, Dec 3, 2021.

Commemorating the release of the 100th compiled book volume of the manga, a newspaper advertisement revealed a photo of Oda drawing at his workspace with the words, “The story is in the final stage. (物語 は 終盤 で す)” back in September.

Oda previously said in an interview in August 2020 that he plans to end the story in four or five years.