Fans Agitate On Twitter As JOC Uses Sailor Moon As Mascot

Not only anime fans but regular Twitter users who are familiar with Sailor Moon, have voiced their opinions against this usage.

Sailor Moon japan

The Japanese Olympic Committee(JOC) on June 26th posted a promotional post on Twitter for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics next month using Naoko Takeuchi’s popular pretty soldier “Sailor Moon” as their cheerleading ambassador for the propaganda. However, this presentation of a favourite character donned in Olympic colours rubbed quite a number of fans the wrong way.

According to the tweet, a tag line referring to the show “Sailor Moon” which says “May the medals as beautiful as the full moon shine in everyone’s hearts.” is one of the sources which fanned the flames. Many have claimed that it is not what “Usagi” will ever agree to promote.


Even regular Twitter users who are familiar with this character in a sailor uniform, have voiced their opinions against this usage of a pop culture icon as a “character business” to propagate an “evil organization”. They also mocked the government that if they want to use a symbol to promote their agenda then they should use a proper example like “Makoto Fujita”, or any working citizen who actually serves the country.

In spite of various requests and warnings from other countries and even the citizens of Japan over pandemic fears, the Japanese Government is determined to hold the Tokyo Games this year. In their defense, they said the recent polls suggest opposition may be softening.

Nonetheless, looking at the recent changing trait of the Covid-19 virus, commoners hesitate to fully support the Tokyo Games. They are convinced that this event will only increase the chances of the infection.

Despite all negativities, Hidemasa Nakamura, a senior Tokyo 2020 Games official has assured everyone that the Government will take strict measures against the worst-case scenario after members of Uganda’s squad tested positive. To lift up the audience the JOC has used these world-class anime characters as their mascot.

Source: Otakomu, JOC Twitter, TOI

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