Fairy Tail Author Gives Advice On How To Draw Breasts

Hiro Mashima celebrated Japan's Oppai Day with Rave and Fairy Tail Characters

Oppai day

Japan has never ceased to shock the world with its quirky celebratory days. To those who didn’t know, 08/01 was “Oppai no Hi” or “Breast Day”, and Hiro Mashima a good sport celebrated the auspicious day with detailed advice for how to draw breasts for the budding artists out there.

Hiro Mashima, a manga artist known for his popular manga “EDENS ZERO”, “RAVE” and “FAIRY TAIL”, updated his Twitter account on Sunday explaining the tidbits to draw the alluring bodies of his heroines with illustrations. Mashima sketched two of his favorite heroines from the series RAVE and FAIRY TAIL, to explain the perspectives when the direction of the poses change or how the shapes change with the type of clothes women wear.

Fans were overwhelmed by the sudden free advice from a popular mangaka like Mashima, and soon the post blew up on Twitter. They earnestly thanked him for the tips and agreed with him that usage of out of proportion boobs is not always in demand, except during fan service.

However, it is also true fan service is something authors keep in mind while drawing their characters to gain popularity over time. Apart from Hiro Mashima, another author who paid earnest attention to the way his heroines look is ONE PIECE author, Mr. Eichiiro Oda.

Nami's boobs

It is not something to hide that through the years, Oda’s one of the most popular characters Nami has faced a horde of questions about her appearance after every time skip. Her body has gone through a lot of changes from Volume 1 to the present day. And Oda doesn’t keep it to himself why it is like that. He voiced that, Nami is still in her growth phase. She’s got more room to grow! Fans can rejoice as Nami will keep stealing hearts till the end of the manga.

The 1st of August is an amazing day for men and women alike, who love breasts and Japan unofficial makes a huge deal out of it. The reason for Oppai Day is born from a pun out of the date. Breaking down 08/01 in Japanese will be as “0” = “O”, “8” = “pa”, “1” = “i” = “O(p)pai”. “8” is “pa” because it comes from “ha” as in “hachi”.

Incidentally, 08/02 is Pantsu Day. Reason is that 8/2 would be pronounced as “8” = “pa” and “2” as “tsu” from the English “two” =”pantsu”.

Source: Oricon

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