Eva & Haikyuu! Voice Actors To Attend Anime USA 2022 Convention

The convention will be held from Oct 14-16, 2022, at Crystal City, Arlington, VA.

Anime USA 2022 announced July 21, 2022 that voice actors Tiffany Grant and Chris Patton will be joining this year’s convention.

Grant, a veteran who has lent her voice for over 1700 anime episodes, OVAs and movies, is well known for voicing Asuka, in Eva 3.0 + 1.0: Thrice Upon a Time. Along with it she has also known for voicing Nojiko from One Piece, Kaorin from Azumanga Daioh and Moffle from Amagi Brilliant Park.

Patton meanwhile is know for voicing Oikawa from Haikyuu!!, Greed in Full Metal Alchemist, Tatsuhiro Sato from Welcome To The N.H.K., and Asura in Soul Eater among others. Patton has been in the anime and gaming voice acting industry for over 20 years.

Grant and Patton join the list of previously announced guests at Anime USA 2022 including cosplayer Mythril-Arts, and DJs Jay Nak and Ant San, both of whom have previously performed at Katsucon, Magfest and other anime conventions.

Anime USA is a three-day convention celebrating Japanese animation, art, culture, history, and fashion. This year’s convention will be held from Oct 14-16, 2022, at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, Arlington, VA.

The artist alley and panel application for the event is open till Sep 10, 2022. More details are available on their official website (check source at bottom).

Anime USA’s first convention was held in 1999 at Crowne Plaza, Crystal City, VA. The previous convention was held in 2020 at Hyatt Regency in Crystal City itself.

According to Anime USA, they seek to discuss and promote anime; other associated arts such as storytelling, costuming, and voice acting; and Japanese culture at large.

Source: Anime USA official website.

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