Dungeon Meshi Manga Gets Anime Adaptation By Studio Trigger

The studio had previously made a promo video for the manga in 2019.

Delicious in Dungeon

The obi on 12th volume of Ryoko Kui’s Dungeon Meshi (Delicious in Dungeon) revealed that the manga is getting an anime adaptation by Studio Trigger. Volume 12 of the manga released on Aug 10, 2022.

A new teaser visual was also revealed for the anime.

Delicious in Dungeon Key Visual

Studio Trigger had previously made a promo video for the release of Dungeon Meshi‘s eight volume.

An official website too was unveiled for the anime. Staff and cast details for the anime are currently unavailable.

Dungeon Meshi (Delicious In Dungeon) is a manga series written and illustrated by Ryoko Kui. The series is published in Kadokawa’s Haruta magazine. It began serialization in February 2014, with its chapters collected into 12 tankobon volumes.

It was nominated for the Manga Taisho awards twice, in 2016 and 2019, and won the won the Kono Manga ga Sugoi list in 2016.

Yen Press has licensed the series in North America. They describe the plot of the manga as follows:

When young adventurer Laios and his company are attacked and soundly thrashed by a dragon deep in a dungeon, the party loses all its money and provisions…and a member! They’re eager to go back and save her, but there is just one problem: If they set out with no food or coin to speak of, they’re sure to starve on the way! But Laios comes up with a brilliant idea: “Let’s eat the monsters!” Slimes, basilisks, and even dragons…none are safe from the appetites of these dungeon-crawling gourmands!

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