Driving Exam Piccolo Funko Pop Comes To Crunchyroll

Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop

The most loved character of Akira Toriyama from Dragon Ball series is Piccolo and eventually he has become an important part of Z warriors. Piccolo can do everything that our Saiyan warriors can do except get a driving license.

The Dragon Ball Z anime has a filler episode where Chi-Chi forced him and Goku to take driving lessons.

Although, the duo end up wrecking the car and scaring the driving teacher and disappointing Chi-chi by not getting a license. The episode was one of the most entertaining one of Dragon Ball Z and became a fan favourite over the years.

To commemorate the episode Crunchyroll launched a new Funko pop of Piccolo. Check the figure here:

Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop 2
Dragon Ball Z Funko Pop 1

Other details of the figure:

  • Size: approximately 4 inches tall 
  • Material: PVC
  • Manufacturer: Funko
  • Exclusive display box

You can purchase the figure here at Crunchyoll.

The Dragon Ball Super Super Hero movie will release in August in various countries.

The movie is the 21st movie in overall Dragon Ball franchise.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero released in Japan on June 11, 2022. The movie was scheduled to be released on April 22 in Japan and was slated to open in North America this summer, however, it was postponed due to the Toei Animation hack on March 6. .

The fully 3DCG film is being directed by Tetsuro Kodama at Toei Animation, and Naoki Satō is composing the music. Nobuhito Sue is the art director, Chikashi Kubota is the animation director, and Jae Hoon Jung is the CG director.

The movie is set to release globally in August and September. The list of countries and their release dates are as follows:

  • Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Central America, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay – August 18
  • United States, Canada, United Kingdom*, Ireland*, South Africa, Zambia, Vietnam – August 19
  • India, Indonesia – August 26
  • Malaysia, Brunei – August 30
  • Philippines – August 31 
  • Singapore – September 1
  • Taiwan – September 8
  • South Korea – September 15
  • Thailand, Hong Kong, Macao – September 29
    *Preview screenings are available for the film in the United Kingdom and Ireland on August 17 and 18.

American citizens can book the tickets here.

Source: Crunchyroll

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