Dragon Ball Super: Will Elec Turn To OG73’s Powers?

Now that Gas is out of commission in Dragon Ball Super manga, what will Elec do to eliminate Goku, Vegeta & Granolah? Is it time for Seven-Three to reappear?

Elec And OG73

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from the Granolah arc of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

The Granolah arc of Dragon Ball Super has finally reached the climax within the climax, with its eponymous character Granolah beating Gas once and for all with the help of the others. We see the Universe’s strongest lying unconscious on the ground with Macki & Oil flying towards him.

Granolah, who apologizes for his past misdeeds, is congratulated by Vegeta and Goku. The struggle is gone, and everything appears to be back to normal.

Or is it?

Remember, we haven’t seen Elec or Monaito since the blast. Is the Namekian being held as a captive by the eldest Heeter? Or will they simply rise from the rubble? Only time will tell…

More importantly, the storyline isn’t over yet. There are many things left unexplained in this arc.

  • Elec’s actual plan & Heeters’ betrayal
  • Revealing the actual Universe’ strongest
  • 10 Questions to Zuno
  • Namekian Origins
  • Frieza’s arrival on Planet Cereal (flashback) and his current whereabouts
  • Seven-Three’s involvement
  • The Dragon Balls in Elec’s custody
  • Goku’s and Vegeta’s “to each one own’s answer” in full explanation

The majority of these will be determined by Elec’s next move. And he has enormous plans to attain his objectives.

But what are his goals, and how does he intend to attain them? Doesn’t he have Seven-Three under his control? Is he going to utilize it in battle? Will Frieza get involved in this story at all? Let’s talk about it.

What is the ultimate goal of Elec and the Heeters?

The main goal of the Heeters is to take control and rule the 7th Universe. There are plenty of villains who had that goal in mind, but the Heeters are taking a different route to achieve it.

Their way of gaining control over things is different compared to what we’ve seen so far in Dragon Ball. Domination through money and intel.

To facilitate that goal, Elec plans to defeat Frieza and take over his army. The Heeters gaining control of the Cold Force. The pun tells the entire story. Genius move, Toriyama.

At the present moment, the Heeters aren’t getting any business deals cause’ everyone’s afraid of Frieza. His revival is causing a shift in the Universe’s state of things.

He and his army are famous almost all over the Universe. So acquiring that army will lead them to huge paydays. (However, it may not necessarily be focused on just that army. Anyone influential enough will be enough for them to consider a partnership).

The eldest Heeter has been preparing the youngest Heeter, Gas, to beat Frieza and take over his army from within. However, he severely underestimated the Saiyans & Granolah.

So far, Elec saw them as mere hurdles or stepping stones along the way just to keep them quiet about the truth of the Cerealian massacre and Elec’s real agenda. Now, Elec has to rely on someone else to take them out after watching Gas run out of gas.

Who could that be…?

Will Elec make use of Seven-Three in Dragon Ball Super?

I personally think Granolah’s statement of not wanting revenge anymore and letting the Heeters go will kick start Elec’s next move.

Elec and the others can escape for the time being and carry out their backup plan; one of them is to probably activate OG73i and fuse its powers and skills with Gas’ powers and abilities.

It could be either through fusion, creating a copy of Gas within Seven-Three or entrapping Gas’ entire consciousness (including his powers and abilities) to occupy Seven-Three’s body.

It’s definitely not by accident that Seven-Three is the connecting factor between the Moro and Granolah arcs. I and many other fans think Toyotarou retained him after Moro died for a purpose and it’s not just for it to be Elec’s intel supply.

Since Elec examined its memory files, he probably knows that Seven-Three has the powers of Moro, Vegeta, and Merus. He really can’t let it go to waste with an injured Android.

Seven-Three was listed as an important character in Volume 16 with Granolah and the Heeters, a subtle presage of it becoming a key player in this arc. Even Elec drops hints pointing to the possibility as well.

As mentioned earlier, Elec wants to rule the universe using money and intel, thus after 40 years they would have accumulated a good sum of money. So that’s taken care of. The Heeters, including Gas, have enough wits to keep coming back until they succeed. Regarding intel, Elec had this to say:

Elec counting on Seven-Three for intel
Chapter 68 | Source: Viz

Later on, in Chapter 85, Elec told Gas he’d better have the resolve to die in battle. That means he wasn’t planning to use Gas for the long haul. At least not as he is though.

Besides, Gas’ death at the hands of his brother is hinted at already in chapter 82 of the manga when Goku says that his own brother tried to kill him and Gas should watch his back as well. The wish Elec made for his “loving little brother” isn’t so clear-cut as people think. He knew Gas’ end is near. So Gas’ powers and abilities transferred to Seven-Three would result in the ultimate Heeter weapon.

Since Elec knows the Cerealian Dragon Balls can be used again and again with no waiting time, he can wish for Gas’ powers to be transferred to Seven-Three. That way, Gas can be killed and Vegeta cannot use Forced Spirit Fission.

However, he also knows of the OG Android’s weakness – the crystal at its forehead. He probably told Granolah how to put Goichi’s Androids out of commission and take Seven-Three from his clutches.

So Elec has to come up with a way to get around that obvious weakness (maybe asking Goichi for help?).

Regarding Gas, Elec did plan to use him for defeating Frieza. Even if Gas’ body is dead, it can still happen via Gas’ powers within Seven-Three. So it could be an indirect statement.

But now that the young Heeter is tuckered out, Elec has no other choice but either run away or get rid of his opposers. He’d be in major trouble if anyone slips Frieza his real agenda. That is the 1st “hot water” situation.

The 2nd is Granolah becoming stronger than Gas & defeating him. Since that has come to pass, Elec now has to think of his backup plan. This brings us to the 2nd possibility:

Macki: Hearing Frieza’s name seriously lit a fire under Granolah. He’s really got it for that guy.

Oil: Hey Elec, why did you go and mention Frieza?

Elec: Our friend Granolah has gotten crazy strong, and the power’s gone to his head. We’d be in hot water if he ever got stronger than you, Gas.

Gas: He could never defeat me.

Elec: Yeah, it’s unlikely but hedging risks is the rule of business. So you see, Frieza’s gonna ice the guy for us.

Macki: So that’s your angle.

Chapter 68

This hedging plan would work if Frieza got much stronger than he was in the Broly movie.

The last time we saw him was in a bonus chapter of the Moro arc where he’s in his ship, looking for more planets to conquer. Unless he trained and got stronger in this timeskip, it’s not gonna help Elec.

Unless they use the Dragon Balls to power up the galactic tyrant.

Could Elec use Frieza in defeating his foes in Dragon Ball Super Manga?

Elec did not rush to the battlefield when Gas began facing Granolah, the Saiyans, and Monaito because he had another pressing mission to complete.

It could be collecting the Dragon Balls once again for his real wish (either related to Seven-Three or Frieza).

Since Granolah agreed to let the Heeters go, Elec can retread and seek favor from Frieza before the Saiyans blow his cover and reveal Elec’s real agenda. As Macki mentioned earlier, they need to pull the strings carefully without letting Frieza feel it. It’s gonna involve a lot of intelligent trickery, convincing & manipulation.

In the Broly movie, Frieza wanted someone on his side to defeat Goku and Vegeta. Frieza didn’t want to wish for immortality nor to have an indestructible body, never capable of taking damage.

However, he might not say no to becoming the strongest in the Universe. Goku suspected the Galactic tyrant won’t be wishing for such a thing as Shenron is incapable of granting it. However, Toronbo can (with a condition of course, but Frieza need not know that). So Elec could tell Frieza about the Cerealian Dragon Balls and the wish.

It’s possible that the storyline could involve another confrontation between Frieza and the Saiyans, along with Granolah teaming up with the latter. When both parties are worn out, the Heeters can take them out by unleashing his primal instincts.

Plus, he might have asked Zuno about Frieza’s weaknesses as well so that will come in handy to take over his army once the battle is done.

But before that, he needs to get rid of Monaito. And his death has been long foreshadowed since he told “when I die, the Dragon Balls turn to stones”.

I don’t think Elec knows about Monaito’s life being connected to the Dragon Ball’s existence.

If he killed Monaito beforehand, it’d be his biggest mistake (unless he has a backup plan for his backup plan. Elec is intelligent enough to think far ahead lmao).

But what about Macki and Oil?

Macki and Oil will figure out that Elec doesn’t care about his siblings and was using them this whole time. So either they kill Elec or Elec kills them. Not sure how that will exactly will play out though.

So either Seven-Three or Frieza might become a major threat in the Granolah arc storyline. Toyotarou said in a recent interview that they’re now in the climax within the climax but something very interesting will happen in the next couple of Chapters.

Dragon ball super discussion panel
Toyotarou is excited to reveal Chapter 87

What will be Elec’s real plan? Will the 10 questions to Zuno be finally revealed? Let us know in the comments below!

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