Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 60: Vegeta Arrives To Battle Moro

Dragon Ball Super manga has lately been picking up its pace with the villain Moro on loose. In the previous chapter we saw Goku take on Moro with his Ultra Instinct Sign form. It was shown in chapter 59 that to maintain the UI Sign form Goku has to deplete his stamina on a large scale. But noticing no other way out, Goku decides to go full power against Moro who is currently on the same level as Gods after consuming countless planets and lives. 

The following chapter contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 60. We suggest you aquaint yourself with the chapter on Viz.com berfore reading further to avoid spoilers!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 Review:

Chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super manga starts where the previous one left off with Goku and Moro going at each other with no holds barred. Goku manages to land a few punches on Moro while Moro manages to prolong the fight till Goku’s exhaustion becomes his downfall. Eventually Goku gets beaten by Moro to the point that he loses his UI sign form. Meanwhile, Merus is getting restless while watching Goku and Moro fight as he is concerned over Goku’s strategy of going all out against Moro who has not shown his true power yet. 

Goku vs Moro in Dragon ball Super Chapter 60
Goku manages to land some punches on Moro

It is not the first time that Goku has been beaten by a villain who is considerably stronger than him. Instead this defeat fits the narrative that the Dragon Ball franchise has been following for years. Forced into a corner with no way out, Goku has shown that he overcomes his inhibitors and takes himself to the next level to defeat the enemy. The same thoughts were echoed by Whis in this chapter, who said that Saiyans are able to come up with miracles when their backs are facing the wall.

Whis and Merus DBS 60

Merus wants to go to earth to help Goku in his fight but is stopped by Whis who explains that destruction of planets and lives is part and parcel of the growth of the universe and it is not upto angels to intervene. Only the Gods have the rights to intervene in this matter and it is only with the permission of Gods that the angels can do anything. 

There is also the fact that too much divine intervention would probably lead the mortals to be dependent on them and not do things themselves. This argument makes Merus reconsider his stance. Beerus is seen fishing and asking Whis to whip up some food to eat though he seems concerned with what’s happening on earth. 

Whis and Merus talk about Goku and Moro in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60
Whis prevents Merus from intervening in the fight

Meanwhile Vegeta is ready to join the fight after the gruelling training he underwent on Yardrat. However, he can’t afford to lose 10 days by using the galactic patrol to reach the earth, just for this one time, Vegeta proposes to learn Instant Transmission. While he struggles to learn it initially, Vegeta finally manages to pull off the instant transmission. Pybara and Hatsaka appreciate the efforts that Vegeta has put in, while also claiming that he is very well a prodigy.

Back on Earth, Goku is taking heavy damage against Moro and while he’s not in his UI Sign form Moro tries to steal his energy only to be interfered by 17 and 18. They manage to stop Moro from stealing Goku’s energy and fight with him head on. Although their most powerful attack only managed to sting Moro’s body a bit. He announces his displeasure that such powerful auras can’t be stolen by him.

Moro tries to steal Goku's energy in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60
Android 17 & 18 intervene

As 17 and 18 continue to fight a losing battle against Moro,  the Prince of All Saiyans arrives, much to the joy of the Z fighters.

Vegeta arrives in DBS 60 2
Vegeta arrives to save the day!!

Goku is surprised to see that Vegeta using the Instant Transmission. However, Vegeta replies that he has no intention of stealing Goku’s signature move and it was only for this time he has used this technique and won’t use it ever again. Vegeta enters his SSG Royal Blue form and calls 17 and 18 back and marches towards Moro. 

In the upcoming chapter we will learn how powerful Vegeta has become and what kind of new techniques he has learned on Yardrat. This could be the turning point in all of Dragon Ball universe where Vegeta finally manages to defeat a main villain all by himself and we are definitely hoping that it will happen. Even though Vegeta only seems to be in his Royal Blue form which he used in The Tournament Of Power there are various mysteries regarding his form as it is not the conventional SSG Super Saiyan form.

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