Dragon Ball Magic Web Anime Likely To Be Announced At NYCC; Plot, Episode Count, Release Date Leaked!

Goku Dragon Ball GT

Fans were hoping that the Dragon Ball panel at NYCC, which takes place on October, will have some news regarding the return of Dragon Ball Super anime. Especially since the official website had teased that a mysterious new footage that will be revealed at the panel.

However, turns out that instead of Dragon Ball Super, the announcement was pertaining to a new web anime for the series.

The web anime is tentatively titled Dragon Ball Magic, and will apparently stream on Crunchyroll. However, no confirmation regarding the same has been received.

Plot of Dragon Ball Magic:

Early leaks that are circulating online suggested that Dragon Ball Magic will be set somewhere between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

According to Geekdom101, the plot will revolve around Goku and Kaioshin (Supreme Kai) who are turned into kids by a demon and they subsequently travel different realms and planets, battling new enemies, in a bid to regain their original form.

This is very similar to the plot in Dragon Ball GT, where Goku was turned into a kid by Emperor Pilaf using Ultimate Shenron’s powers.

Dragon Ball Magic, similar plot to Dragon Ball GT?

Leaks also suggest that Toriyama is involved in some form in the creation of Dragon Ball Magic, and that the web anime will definitely take some inspiration from Dragon Ball GT. However, the plot of the series won’t be the same.

Animator and character designer Katusyoshiu Nakatsuru, who has worked extensively on Dragon Ball anime (he also designed Super Saiyan 4), is rumored to be a part of the web anime. Meanwhile, director Aya Komaki will be helming the series.

Dragon Ball Magic episodes & release date:

Dragon Ball Magic web anime is rumored to have around 14 or 15 episodes, with each episode being around 30-45 minutes.

Since it is a web anime, it will be streaming mainly on Crunchyroll, and TV broadcast details have not been confirmed yet. It is slated to release in the first half of 2024.

There are contrasting reports available on the animation style currently, with some saying it will feature a predominantly 90s style of animation/character designs, while others are saying it will feature CG heavy animation s seen in DBS: Super Hero and other works.

More details, and confirmation of the rumors will be provided at NYCC 2023 which takes place on Oct 12-15, 2023. So stay tuned to the event to know more.

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