Doraemon Becomes The Most Recommended Anime That Parents Want Their Children To Watch

Crayon Shin-chan and Thomas the Tank Engine also ranked in the chart.

A recent survey report by a Japanese education media, “Ouchi Kyouzai no Mori,” operated by ARINA, revealed that Fujiko F. Fujio‘s Doraemon is the most recommended “Anime that parents want their children to watch”.

The following rank shows recommended series and the reasons why the Japanese parents want their children to watch them:

1st place: Doraemon
・ They thought it was safe as it has simple animation and stories that both men and women could enjoy together with adults.
・ Although the main character is not a perfect child it’s an anime with various messages about trying various things and adventuring with the help of her friends.
・Doraemon has many stories about friendship and family love, which can be enjoyed by the whole family and has a positive effect on children.

2nd place: Anpanman
・Because it’s a simple world, kids can see it with peace of mind
・ Parents want kids to know that justice always wins.
・ Want kids to naturally acquire compassion, such as valuing friends and having the courage to maintain justice.

3rd place: Sazae-san
・ Because it is heartwarming.
・ Because it is a family story
・ Because all the characters are kind and has no reason to feel uncomfortable. 
・Helps to recognize the image of a happy family.

4th place: Chibi Maruko-chan
・ Want kids to learn about little quirky friends and family relationships
・ Maruko is stupid, but in the end, good things are good, bad things are bad, and I think it will be a mental exercise for kids to understand what makes people happy.

5th place: Crayon Shin-chan
・ Teach morality.
・ It’s funny with laughter and tears.

6th place: Thomas the Tank Engine
・ Want children to watch it because there are no violent scenes.
・ Children love trains and the language is not bad

7th place: Nintama Rantaro
・ Even though it’s short, it shows respect for superiors, seniors, and teachers, and the content is interesting.
・ Because there are few remarks that hurt or upset someone.

Doraemon was also chosen 9th as the most recommended “Shonen manga that parents want their children to read,” while Slam Dunk topped the list.

A total of 200 people were surveyed from teens to age 60 on March 3, 2022.

Doraemon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Fujiko F. Fujio. The manga was first serialized in December 1969, with its 1,345 individual chapters compiled into 45 tankōbon volumes and published by Shogakukan from 1970 to 1996.

The manga spawned a media franchise. Three anime TV series have been adapted in 1973, 1979, and 2005. Additionally, Shin-Ei Animation has produced over forty animated films, including two 3D computer-animated films, all of which are distributed by Toho. Various types of merchandise and media have been developed, including soundtrack albums, video games, and musicals.

Doraemon was well-received by critics and became a hit in many Asian countries. As of 2019, it has sold over 250 million copies worldwide, becoming the fifth best-selling manga series in history. Doraemon is also one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time, of which the animated film series has the highest number of admissions in Japan. The Doraemon character has been viewed as a Japanese cultural icon and was appointed as the first “anime ambassador” in 2008 by the country’s Foreign Ministry.

Source: PR Times