Does Naruto Still Have All The Tailed Beasts Chakra Inside Him?

It has been many years since Naruto and Naruto Shippuden aired, but still there are some questions about Naruto and tailed beasts that linger in the minds of fans.

The most common one being whether Naruto still has tailed beasts in him? It’s a simple question with not so simple yet not so complicated answer.

Let’s jump right into the explanation. During his fight with the masked Madara(Obito), Naruto was eaten by the 4 tail tailed beast, Son Goku. At that time Son Goku shared some of his chakra with him.

Thanks to Son Goku trusting him, the other tailed beasts too shared their chakra with Naruto. Shukaku (One-Tail) and Gyuki (Eight-Tails) were the only ones not able to share their chakra with Naruto at that time.

But as we all know Naruto, during his battle with Juubi Madara, was knocked out and sent to the realm within his conscience. There he met Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths. Hagoromo shared some of his chakra with Naruto along with the yang seal.

Now, Hagoromo’s chakra is comprised of all the tailed beast and his own chakra as well. So when Hagoromo shared his chakra, the missing chakras of Gyuki and Shukaku were added in Naruto as well.

Even Hagoromo said that thanks to Naruto having chakra of all tailed beasts he has become a meeting ground for all of them. Naruto even used those chakras to fight Kaguya in their final battle and attacked her with multiple Rasenshuriken made of all Bijus’ chakra.

Now here comes the confusion, after sealing Kaguya, all the tailed beast were freed from the Juubi and were physically present outside Naruto.

This led people into thinking that Naruto doesn’t anymore possess the chakras of all tailed beasts along with the Sage of Six Path chakra. Naruto was even seen fighting Sasuke later on using only Kurama chakra whereas Sasuke amped up his Susanoo with all the tailed beast chakra.

Albeit it is nothing but a mere confusion and wrong thinking approach towards Naruto and his last fight. We’ll tell you how and why.

Does Naruto Still Have All The Tailed Beasts In Him?

In their last fight, Sasuke was the one fighting with the intent to kill whereas Naruto was fighting with the intent to protect Sasuke from his own darkness.

Even after Sasuke amped up his Susanoo with tailed beast chakras, Naruto was still relying just on Kuramas’ chakra. If Naruto wanted Sasuke dead, he would have used chakra from all tailed beasts in him and also the Six Path Chakra.

So basically Naruto wasn’t using his full powers against Sasuke. That means he still has the tailed beast chakra in him as he never used it.

In Boruto too, we see Naruto using his Sage of Six Path Mode against his fight with Momoshiki and Jigen. Though in both these fights we see Naruto again relying majorly on Kurama.

But the main point to be noticed is Naruto was using Sage of Six Path Mode. For Sage of Six Path Mode to work one needs to have chakra of all tailed beasts in him. Without this accessing Rikudou powers is impossible.

Now many will question why didn’t the Truth Seeker orbs appear if Naruto was using Sage Mode? It’s simple because Naruto didn’t manifest them as he did with Kaguya.

The Truth Seeker orbs are made of Yin and Yang release in Rikudou Sennin Mode as explained by Madara and Obito when they were using Rikudou Mode.

Which means the orbs manifest when kneading Yin Yang chakra combined with Rikudou Sennin chakra. And as proven before, Rikudou Sennin chakra is nothing but a combination of all tailed beast chakra.

The Truth Seeker orbs also float only around the original who is using the Rikudou mode. But during his fight with Kaguya, Naruto was seen giving those orbs to his clone which also indicated that in that short amount of time Naruto had mastered Yin and Yang Release too.

That leads us to the conclusion that Naruto just didn’t knead Yin and Yang chakra natures during his fights in Boruto.

If you check the chakra cloak patterns on Naruto during his fight with Kaguya, Momoshiki and Jigen they are all the similar proving that Naruto was indeed using Rikudou Sennin chakra in Boruto.

In the Boruto manga, when Killer B was attacked and some portion of Gyuki chakra was stolen. Gaara and Naruto both were telepathically informed by the tailed beasts that something has happened to Gyuki.

This was only possible if Naruto had at least some portion of tailed beast chakra in him. Thus proving that Naruto still has some chakra but powerful enough portion of all tailed beast inside him.

The above explanation was taken into consideration using only Boruto and Naruto, Naruto Shippuden manga. If we consider the Boruto anime too, during the Shuka-Ku toy arc, Naruto was seen talking with all tailed beast inside his conscience realm.

This again proves that Naruto still has all the tailed beast chakra in him.

Hope you have had your doubts cleared. If you have any further lingering questions about Naruto and any other character or plot from Naruto feel free to let us know in the comments and we will solve it. Till then enjoy our other Naruto related blogs.

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  1. It was Obito who gave Naruto parts of Shukaku and Gyuki’s chakra.
    In my view, Naruto no longer used the chakra of the other tailed beasts because, from his point of view, would be like using them as a weapon. For him, it would be different from his partnership with Kurama.


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