DMM.com To Launch A Vertical Scroll Manga Platform In 2022

DMM will also set up planning and production studio to distribute original content.

Vertical Manga

DMM, a Japan-based e-commerce and Internet company announced on Dec 3,2021 that they will make a full-scale entry into the vertical scroll-type manga business.

They will build a distribution platform that supports vertical reading manga, distribute overseas works in Japan, expand domestic works globally, and work on cross-border business.

In their press release, DMM listed the rapidly growing e-book and web vertical reading manga platform, along with the lack of a similar platform originating in Japan as reasons for coming up with this business.

According to the Korea Creative Content Agency, the market size of vertical reading manga grew to 60.4 billion yen in 2019, 37% of the previous year. It has continued to grow since 2020, and the current market is expected to be even larger.

From 2022, the DMM plans to distribute domestic and foreign content including original titles; that are related to various genres unique to DMM. They’ll establish a planning and production studio, utilizing the know-how of the e-book business so far, for the same purpose.

In the e-book business as well, DMM has collaborated with various partners to develop and operate distribution platforms. Furthermore, they are looking for similar partner companies and creators to contribute to the development of content originating in Japan. This will help the company to accumulate domestic web vertical reading manga planning and production know-how together with Japanese creators.

DMM operates the comprehensive entertainment platform “DMM.com” which develops more than 40 services and has 35.45 million members.

Vertical reading manga is a new format for manga work originating in South Korea, featuring a vertically long composition that matches smartphones and a reader experience with vertical scrolling that is different from the horizontal development of conventional manga

Source: DMM press release, PR Times, Animation Business Journal

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