Discotek Releases Blu-Ray For Urusei Yatsura, City Hunter & Many More

Urusei Yatsura will release in 4 box sets.

Discotek announced in their Otacon 2022 information session that it’ll be releasing Blu-ray of  Urusei Yatsura TV series, Symphogear XV, the new dedicated tokusatsu label Toku Time and more.

The announcements are as follows:

Dino Mech Gaiking: 44 episodes on one SD-BD disc, with OP/ED and promo videos. It is scheduled to release in late 2022.

City Hunter – Movies and Specials Collection: It will include all the six films and the TV special Blu-Ray release. It includes Magnum of Love and Fate (AKA .357 Magnum), Bay City Wars, Million Dollar Conspiracy, The Secret Service, Goodbye My Sweetheart (AKA “The Motion Picture”), The Death of Evil Ryo Saeba. The release will also include the ADV dubs except Evil Ryo Saeba which is subtitled. It is scheduled to release in early 2023.

Machine Robo: BattlehackersThe 31 episodes of the anime will be released on one SD-BD for the first time with English subtitles. It also includes vintage toy commercials and is scheduled to release in late 2022.

The Princess and the Pilot: The release has undergone some tweaks to the subtitles.

Project A-ko 3: Cinderella RhapsodyIt is released with a new HD scan from the original negative release with new liner notes. Also, “Get A Chance” music video extras are also included and is scheduled to release in late 2022.

Symphogear XV: The final season of the Symphogear series is released with subtitles. The extras include the omake episodes, OP/ED and a video of the premiere event. It is scheduled to release in early 2023.

Tales of Symphonia The Animation: The release has all 11 episodes with English subtitles and is scheduled to release in late 2022.

To Be Hero and To Be Heroine: Both the series will be released in a single disc and includes the omake episodes of To Be Heroine. It includes revised subtitles, Chinese dialogue tracks and songs re-translated from Chinese. In addition, only 2000 units of this is produced and is scheduled for release in October 2022. 

URUSEI YATSURA (1981-86): The complete series with all 195 episodes are released across four box sets, with English subtitles based on the AnimEigo translations. It is scheduled to release starting in 2023.

Source: Crunchyroll

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