Digimon Adventure & Pokemon Journey To Restart Broadcast From June 7

TV anime Pokemon Journey: The Series and Digimon Adventure will resume their broadcast from June 7, the official twitter accounts of these anime said.

The broadcast of both these series were temporarily suspended due to the effects of COVID-19 in Japan. However, the anime are now resuming the broadcast, as Japan lifted the state of emergency nationwide on last Tuesday.

While Pokemon Journey: The Series will air new episodes starting from June 7, the official twitter account of Digimon said that Digimon Adventure will restart the airing from the first episode of the series. The show was suspended after the third episode, meaning the new episodes will only start airing from June 28.

Digimon Adventure is a reboot of the original Digimon Adventure anime which was released in 1999, whereas Pokemon Journey: The Series adds a new protagonist to the frachise along wth Ash Ketchum. Goh (the new protagonist) & Ash set out an journey filled with adventure and excitement in the world of Pokemon.