Digimon Adventure 02 Movie Teaser To Be Played At Digifest 2022

The movie will be based in the year 2012.

The teaser for the new anime movie of Digimon Adventure 02 is to be played at Digifest 2022 on July 30, 2022.

The movie is part of the second anime series of Digimon. The production of the movie was announced at Digifest 2021. The movie is based on Daisuke Motomiya, the MC of 02 and his friends. The movie is based in the year 2012.

The staff returning for the movie is Tomohisa Taguchi as director. He directed the Digimon Adventure Last Evolution: Kizuna movie. Along with him, Satoru Yamatoya will be returning as script writer.

The movie producer Yosuke Kinoshita shared few words on the movie, “It has been one year since we announced the production of the film. However, we know that it is still a long way from completion. Is there anything we can do while we keep you waiting? So, for the first time, we have decided to give you a limited look at the beginning part of the film as far as we can deliver it. Please join us at Digifest and be the first to witness it

 The Digifest event will feature Fukujuro Katayama as Daisuke Motomiya and Junko Noda as Buimon in the new Digimon Adventure 02 movie.

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of Digimon Frontier, the old staff is returning for performances. The staff includes, Junko Takeuchi as Takuya Kambara, Sawa Ishige as Izumi Orimoto, Michael Shiotanda as Junpei Shibayama, and Kumiko Watanabe as Tomoki Himi will appear at the day and night performances.

Hiroshi Kamiya as Teruji Minamoto and Kenichi Suzumura as Teruichi Kimura will appear for the evening performance.

Source: Mantan Web