Dentsu Launch A New Wing Focusing On Manga & Anime

The main agenda of Manga Anime Growth Partners is to provide integrated solutions in the manga/anime domain.

dentsu to launch a new company focusing on anime and manga

Dentsu a Tokyo based International Advertising and Public Relations company will be launching a new organization focusing on Manga and Anime. The new organization will be called Manga Anime Growth Partners and will be launched on January 1, 2023.

The main agenda of Manga Anime Growth Partners is to provide integrated solutions in the manga/anime domain for Dentsu’s clients and partners. The company will have main three missions:

1. To support the integrated growth of partner companies and the industry as a whole in the manga and anime industries.

2. marketing activities utilizing Manga/Anime that contribute to the growth of client companies in Japan and abroad.

3. Manga/anime content development and business development in Japan and abroad

The main reason cited by Dentsu for getting into anime and manga field is the rapid growth of the animation and manga fields over the past decade due to the spread of video distribution and digital content for the organization’s establishment.

Japanese animation and manga have become global entertainment and are expected to grow further as a global industry. By viewing Manga/Anime as a cohesive industry with high growth potential, there are likely to be more business opportunities for companies.

However, Dentsu’s animation and manga business is divided into several divisions, including the Content Business Design Center, the Publishing Business Produce Bureau, the Radio TV Business Produce Bureau, and the Radio TV Bureau.

Although the company as a whole has a large volume of business, it does not have a strong enough presence within the industry. Therefore, the company is expected to aim to expand its business by branding itself as a cross-company organization.

Manga Anime Growth Partners will bring together the knowledge and specialized human resources that have been cultivated in each division. The company will also strengthen cooperation with the group’s overseas bases.

We will support business growth by providing integrated support for the growth of client companies and partner companies. Through this, the company will also contribute to the development of the manga/anime industry as a whole.

Source: Animation Business Info

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